Get some great ideas to re-ignite the flame and spice up the relationship.

How To Spice Up Your Relationship

If you feel your relationship reaching new lows that you might have never thought possible, it is probably time to spice things up a bit with seduction. The art of seduction is just that – an art. However, this is an art that cannot be learned and you will become an expert at it only through experience. This is the best way to spice up relationships and rekindle the flame that burned between you and your partner when you first met. There is no standard set of rules to spice up your relationship, and it all depends upon how far you are willing to go to make it work. You will need to let go of conservatism and be creative, bold, wild and free. You will, however, need to keep your partner’s needs in mind so as to ensure that you get the expected results.
Tips To Spice Up Your Relationship 
  • Take a walk down memory lane by going on your first date all over again. Re-live the time when both of you first met and try to re-capture those glorious memories. You could visit places you had visited when you first met.
  • A sexy or romantic phone message can work wonders. You could tell your partner what you plan to do that night. The anticipation will spice things up more than you could imagine,
  • Experiment with food. There are many things you can do, apart from just cooking together. You could have a food fight, or, better still, try to create body art with food. Honey, whipped cream and chocolate syrup are great things to use to create masterpieces on your partner’s body.
  • Creative role-playing can be extremely hot since the possibilities are limited by nothing other than your imagination. Dress up as anything ranging from a schoolgirl to a cop and act along.
  • Design a theme at home before your partner arrives. For example, you could decorate your living room such that it looks like a scene from ancient Rome. Get yourself and your partner into a toga and feed each other wine and grapes. Imagine what it would have been to make love in the old Roman style.
  • Games work the best to spice up relationships since it will help both of you bond together even more. Try your hand at blackjack or strip poker. You can, in fact, try any game whatsoever, with just the element of stripping.
  • Bondage games can unleash the flame between you like never before. Blindfold and tie up your partner. While your partner is blindfolded, kiss or touch him/ her softly. The element of surprise will spice things up.
  • Play some soft, sensual music and perform a slow striptease for your partner.
  • Find out more about various sex positions and see how many you and your partner can use within a week. The Kama sutra book has 64 illustrated positions that are guaranteed to spice things up.

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