Whether it is a one-time fling or a full-blown long-term affair, regaining trust in a relationship takes a long time. Read on to get tips on how to rebuild trust in a broken relationship.

How To Rebuild Trust In A Broken Relationship

Trust is the binding force of any and every relationship and therefore needs to be handled with utmost care. Infidelity is surely one of the most annihilating things that can happen to any relationship. A simple lie can destroy the beauty of a long and lovely relationship, by bringing in evils of misunderstanding and doubt between two people. Relationships that are broken because of infidelity often lead to extensive damage, causing separation and even divorce. In order to survive such a remorseful situation in a relationship or to rebuild trust, you need to define the causes that led to such a situation and put in efforts to make things fall back on track.
Tips To Regain Trust In A Broken Relationship
  • Forgiving and forgetting is the basic step for rebuilding a dying relationship. Both the people involved in the relationship should speak out their part of the problem. Remember, there will always be one person who would be guilty of the whole situation. However, forgetting this fact and moving forward to make a fresh start is what will save any relationship. Both the parties should sit face to face, promise each other not to get back to the same situation and should start off new with keeping faith for one another.
  • Whether it is the husband, wife or teenager, the offender should accept his/her fault and should promise not to repeat the same mistake again. Both the people involved in a relationship should discuss what led to the breach of trust and should plan out a strategy to curb such situations in the future. The person guilty should admit his/her inability to be truthful.
  • Transparency is another way in which you can rebuild the lost trust in your partner. Make sure you give all details on the place you are going, the work you have there and the people accompanying you. You should be careful not to take your partner for granted again and should provide all information he/she asks for. You should understand that your partner is still under the state of shock and the queries are nothing but the result of that distrust. You need to understand that things cannot get back to normal instantly.
  • Trust once lost takes a long time to be reinstalled. Honesty is another way in which you can gain back the lost trust and respect for yourself. Your partner might find it difficult to believe you in the same way, as he/she did in the beginning. Give him/her some time to get comfortable with you again. This might take from a few weeks to several months and sometimes even years. However, make sure that the long time period does not de-motivate you and make you commit the same mistakes that you are rectifying now. In uninspiring times just remember the phrase, ‘perseverance pays’.
  • Be an active listener and pay heed to whatever your partner is sharing. If you do not extend a sympathetic ear at whatever your partner comes and shares with you, it will make him/her withdraw from you. Listening to the other person will develop back the lost comfort between the two of you. In this way, your partner would slowly and gradually become more open to you.
  • Try and spend as much time as possible together. If you are in the process of rebuilding your relationship, then nothing but time can provide you with a strong base. Spending some quality time together will provide you with enough space to rebuild the lost comfort zone between the two of you. However, you should be very careful not to bring back the harsh memories of the recent past that led to all the problems between the two of you.

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