A relationship break-up is one of the most common problems faced by people today. Explore this article to know the tips on how to avoid a break-up and improve your relationship.

How To Avoid A Break-Up

Break-ups happen beyond our expectation and often we try to get over them. Some of us learn to move on, while others hold on the pain and grief for many years to come, perhaps even forever. Even if we get over the relationship break-up, our broken heart does not completely heal until a long time. Usually, women have a great intuition and can sense when a relationship starts going south. This is a positive attribute, but unfortunately, most of them try to talk their way out of the problem. The best way to avoid a breakup and keep the relationship going is to keep the things fresh. Convert yourself into a reason that make his/her life more enjoyable and not a reason to break the relationship. Read on further to know how you can avoid a relationship break-up.
Tips On Avoiding A Relationship Break-Up
Face Hidden Challenges
Often couples avoid looking at the problems existing in their life and doing something about them, until it is too late. You have to deal with those challenges right now and not overlook them. These can include trust issues, flirting with other people, jealousy, infidelity, lack of passion, lack of common interest, and so on - the list continues. These challenges, if not addressed at the right time, eventually turn ugly and lead to a breakup.
Heal past relationships
Face all old fears from past relationships and get over them. People in intimate relationships experience past fears that have nothing to do with the current situation. These fears could be - not being good enough, attractive enough, or wealthy enough or even having feelings of abandonment. Unless dealt with, these fears can create walls between partners and ultimately a split, which cannot be repaired. Fears have to be looked at and healed properly, for a healthy relationship to continue. Carefully notice when your fears surface and look inward, instead of outward. Be courageous enough to take professional help and support to make the necessary changes.
Figure Out Expectations
People, whether consciously or unconsciously, tend to assume that their partner expects certain things from them. It is very necessary to get over your assumptions and know exactly what your partner wants from you. Also, clearly reveal to your partner the way you want to be treated. In such cases, it is important to make reasonable demands on each other. If you try to live up to the expectations that completely go against your personality, just because your partner expects so, the relationship is bound for a break-up.
Increase Communication
Most couples go apart due to lack of communication. Often, one person agrees to do everything just to keep the peace. Reasons may be varied, but communication stops and walls start building between partners. Work on your communication. Ensure that you listen to each other, in order to understand each other. This calls for full attention, being entirely present with the other person, without being defensive. Although, it is not easy to do, but if followed, it will get you closer, more connected and more loving. Give your partner your undivided attention and see how trust grows between the two of you.
Learn To Appreciate
If you want to be appreciated, learn to appreciate other people in your life. This holds true in case of your partner as well. We are all hungry for understanding, love, value and appreciation. In case you feel that you are not loved or admired, open up. You will soon be able to see and feel the love and appreciation that your partner has in store for you. At the same time, give him/her some appreciation as well and make love snowball in your life.

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