Many toddlers give their mothers hell when they are asked to take their afternoon nap. If your toddler is also one of them, read on to know how to get him to nap.

How To Get Your Toddler To Take A Nap

As a new mother of a toddler, you must have acknowledged by now that, it is a life full of challenges for your little one. Every day brings with it something new to learn, be it whether to maneuver the swing in the neighbourhood park all by themselves, or, the ability to brush their teeth on their own. With all that activity, you begin to think, they should be feeling tired, right? You couldn’t be truer, only your toddler will never think that way. She/he will always want to play just a little more, watch just a little more television and so on. It is a futile exercise telling toddlers how important ample rest is for them. To themselves, since they have just discovered the immense potential that they possess, they are invincible and possess unending supply of energy. However, as a sensible parent, you know how important it is for them, to get rest in the afternoon too. So what do you do? Throw the child on your lap, on her tummy, even as she screams and protests, and almost violently pat on her back till she is exhausted of all the crying and eventually falls asleep. At least that’s what our moms did with us. But then, we know that mom doesn’t always know best. So give mom the margin to make mistakes and read on to know how to get your toddler to take a nap.
How To Get Your Toddler To Sleep

It might do you well to observe your toddler’s habits for a few days, to find out the approximate time when she/he begins to feel sleepy. It need not be immediately after lunch, but sometime late in the afternoon, or an hour after lunch. When you have found out what time she/he begins to doze off, you will be able to time everything else, like lunch, playtime and so on. 
Tire Out
It has been observed that toddlers sleep better when they are completely tired out by the afternoon, when they should take their nap. So, make sure she/he gets enough exercise and sunlight all day, so that she /he sleeps for a good one or two hours soundly. 
Teddy By The Side
It is important for your toddler to get the same atmosphere during the afternoon that she/he gets at night, to be able to sleep soundly. We may be able to sleep on the couch during the afternoon; the toddler should, however, be made to sleep in her/his room or crib, or at least she/he should be given the same blanket and soft toys that she/he uses at night. Having a familiar object will help her/him sleep better. 
It is important that your child get an hour or two of undisturbed sleep, which means that the atmosphere that she/he sleeps in should be as rid of noise as possible, not only of the television or the stereo system, but also the noise inside the house, say of you working. So it is important that you close the door of the room she/he sleeps in or put some soft, soothing music in it, so that she/he sleeps better.

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