A baby is a real blessing and treasure for a family, but taking this responsibility has its own advantages & disadvantages. Check out this article to know the pros and cons of having a baby.

Pros And Cons Of Having A Baby

Getting pregnant and giving birth to a new life is a miracle and a new blessing on the newly extended family. But, the decision to have a baby is regarded as one of the most crucial ones that anyone would have ever made. While having children is like an ultimate fulfillment for some couples, not all are able to easily digest and cope up with children. Unlike purchasing a house or accepting a job, a baby is a lifetime commitment. Once you have turned a parent, your baby is your first priority, at least for the next 20 years, and it becomes your duty to care for the baby. Additionally, having a baby calls for a permanent change in yours and your partner’s life. Though most people are ready to compromise on their marriage, career, or social life, not all are willing to make this sacrifice. This evidently exhibits the various joys and worries that come along with a baby. To know the advantages and disadvantages of having a baby, read through the following lines.
Advantages Of Having A Baby
  • Having a baby changes your entire world and life. You have your blood right there in front of you whom you can love unconditionally. Further, babies inherit genetic materials from their elder generations, which mean that you get to see your experiences and philosophies passed onto your baby. These further would be transferred to the next generation, thereby giving you a chance to see yourself in another being.
  • Giving birth to a new life changes the entire life of a couple and the baby as well. The newborn allows you to strengthen your relationship with your partner and get more close to him.
  • After having a baby, a woman’s body recovers faster and gets more energized. The body is more capable of bouncing back after having a baby. Thus, a mother need not worry about caring for her baby.
  • The umbilical cord blood of babies is highly useful for treating and curing various types of cancers. Thus, considering the less sentimental viewpoint, having a baby can be helpful in saving a loved one’s life in future.
Disadvantages Of Having A Baby
  • Babies turn out to be highly expensive. Strange, but true! Frequent doctor visits, regular checkups, new supplies and furniture, and constant care, all require huge sums of money in order to have a new member into your family.
  • Babies are time consuming as well. There has to be someone caring and supervising your baby 24x7. As such, you have to alter your schedules in order to be with your baby throughout, at least for the first two years.
  • Babies can affect your financial and emotional health. As they grow old, their demands constantly increase with more food and entertainment requirements. As a result, you are forced to put a stop to your present lifestyle and adopt a new one according to the comfortability of your baby. Instead of dining out with your partner, you will have to compromise on homemade food, or instead of spending a night at a club, you will have to stay back home to nurse your baby.
  • Not many daddies would be willing to contribute towards the upbringing of their baby. While mothers mature easily, men do not adapt quickly and hence, may not get involved, thereby leaving the responsibility of handling the baby solely on the mother.

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