Wondering how a kid turns out to be a person without a value system in life? This might be the result of permissive parenting, the topic this article throws light on.

Permissive Parenting

The kind of a human being a child will grow up to become depends totally on the type of upbringing and the growing environment of that child. Parenting plays a crucial role in the overall development of a child, and only a well measured and thoughtful parenting will help a child prosper in all aspects of his or her life. There are basically three different styles of parenting namely the authoritative, authoritarian and the permissive style of parenting. The first two categories in parenting are strict upbringing, based on set rules and regulations for the children. Permissive parenting is just the opposite of an authoritative parenting style. Negligence, flexibility, extreme freedom and relaxed atmosphere are some of the defining criteria for a permissive environment. This kind of a set up allows the children to grow up in a free environment without any pre-defined rules or guidelines for behaviour and actions. A permissive parenting is one in which the parents will prop up their children and will defend them against all the wrongs they do. This article provides you with a permissive parenting outlook throwing light on the affect it can have on the kids.

Permissive Parenting Style

No Rules
Permissive parents do not lay down any guiding principles for the functioning of the family. There are no rules set to regulate the actions and behaviour of the kids; rather they are given too much freedom. This kind of a family environment can at times prove to be damaging for the children’s mental and physical health.

Random Rewards And Punishments
The rewards and punishments in a permissive family are random and capricious. The kids are usually aware of the reward or punishment or a kind of reaction they will get for exhibiting a particular behaviour. However, a permissive parent will react differently to the same situation at different times. 

Lectures Are Common
Permissive parents will use putdowns and lectures every time their children commit a mistake. Parents usually provide guidelines and role models as examples to teach their children how to behave, but in this kind of a family the parents will put down their kids with harsh comments. This might have a negative effect on the children.

Bribes Are Common
Instead of teaching their kids not to take or give bribes, permissive parents bribe to their kids to get work done. If a child is not listening to his or her parents, the parents will offer them a chocolate or a treat to pay attention. This might leave a negative impact on the kid who will always wait for the prize to be announced for the work they do.

Parenting Based On Emotions
Emotions dictate the relationships in a lenient family. Instead of having consistent routines and set norms for the family, it will be emotions that will decide the family routines. The same ideals will get transferred to the kids as well, who will use their emotions and not logic to make decisions for their kids later on in life.

Love Is Conditional
In a permissive set up, the kids might feel the love shown to them to be based on con They might feel pressurized to do something to please their parents in order to get the love they deserve. 

Choices Are Given
Another aspect of a permissive family set up that might spoil kids is that the kids are given too many choices and options by their parents. The behavioural pattern. or the way in which a child reacts is readily accepted by the parents. The parents do not talk about the possible outcomes of their child’s behaviour. They give them enough choices, and in the process make them weak and indecisive in nature because the kids always have an option to get out of a difficult or a challenging situation.

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