Different parents have different types of parenting styles. Check out which are the most effective parenting styles.

Types Of Parenting Styles

Parents always want the best for their kids. They want their children to have a comfortable life and provide them with everything that they were deprived of. In some cases, parents tend to become over-protective or over-possessive of their child, not realizing the fact that the child may feel smothered and may not be able to develop certain survival skills in life. Agreed, no parent would let his/her child go knowingly into a dangerous situation in life, but sometimes, you need to let the child free to explore on his own and give him guidelines as to how to go about it. An effective parenting style is all about bonding with the child in way that he/she knows you will be there to support and also let them have their freedom and privacy.
Effective Parenting Skills
  • Touch Therapy - Children need constant re-assurance of parents to make them feel secure and confident. For that, the most effective tip is by expressing your love by overt gestures like hugging, cuddling, snuggling and kissing. The touch of a parent matters a lot when bringing up kids and it has been found that kids who lack the physical intimacy or closeness with parents tend to become withdrawn and have problems socializing later in life.
  • Set an Example - For your kids to grow up idolizing you, you need to set an example for them. Tell them how hard working you were and what all sacrifices you had to make in order to reach at a successful position in life. Show them how much your love your spouse and how both of you are working to provide them with a better life. Kids love it when their parents are happy and in peace with each other and will definitely respect you and look upto you.
  • Listen - A good parent will always be ears to children when they have even the slightest and the most trivial problems in life. It makes your kids realize that no matter how bad things turn out, you will always be there to lend support and hear it out. Be honest with your kids and give suggestions from your side to tackle the situation. When they grow up, thy will also not neglect any problem you have.
  • Be Involved - Children love it when parents get involved in their activities. So if it is their camping trip or their class activity, lending a helping hand or at least talking about it and showing interest will help them gain confidence. Start taking interest in their studies and hobbies and you will make your children grow up into better individuals.
  • Talk - Talking is an essential part of bonding with children. As parents, you can start talking to them as early as their infancy. Read out stories, talk to them, tell them encouraging incidents of your life, etc. By dong this, you will encourage them to talk about themselves and what bothering them and what they like, thus enhancing their communication skills.
  • Keep Track of Friends - Children often tend to make bad friends who may either bully them or discourage them in life. You need to know what kind of children your kid interacts with and know their parents. Thiswill instill a sense of security in your kid and he/she will know if anything goes wrong, you will be there to take charge and protect them. Go out with your kid and his/her friends and accept them. It will make a big difference in your kid’s life.

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