Before a family photo session, do you wonder about what to wear? Check out information on what to wear for family pictures & portraits.

What To Wear For Family Photos

The very idea of putting up a family photo, framed in polished teakwood frame sounds appealing. It adds a personal touch to your living room and reflects the importance of your family in your life. It captures vivid memories in a frame and freezes time, in that single moment. Every member in that portrait has a different style, a different look and a unique place in the family. The love that you have for each other shows right through the frame.
But often, it so happens that due to inappropriate clothes or accessories, a photograph that has a potential to look splendid, comes out to be just plain ordinary. Of course, we are not saying you need to purchase expensive clothing just for a photo session. But at the same time, make sure that what you wear does not divert the attention away from your face and your emotions. Look in the mirror when you dress up and see where your attention goes instantly. If you want to know what to wear for family pictures, read on!
  • Always opt for simple garments. Simple does not necessarily mean dull or unattractive. Just avoid blaring checks, prints, etc. and opt for simple one tone clothing.
  • The best kinds of necks are V-necks and turtle necks. When both these necks are worn without any exaggeration, they can give some really good photographs and add to the appeal.
  • It is recommended that you keep the arms covered as bare arms usually divert the attention away from the face. At least keep your hands covered just to the elbow. If you are exposing your forearms, wear a light bracelet or a single bangle or a nice watch.
  • For a family picture, it is always the best if all the members are dressed in more or less the same color. Team up blacks and blues like blue denims in various tones along with black sweaters, shirts, etc. It shows how bonded you are and adds to the appeal of a family photograph.
  • If the photograph is of full length, consider wearing pants, trousers with a flat front or long skirts if you are a woman. Don’t expose your legs as it diverts the attention from the face and makes a photo look odd.
  • The clothes should fit you properly. Avoid wearing loose clothes as they make you look broad and sloppy, while tight clothes can make you look bloated. If you intend to wear jewelry keep it very light, like just a nice chain, bracelet, earrings, or finger-rings.
  • Avoid colors like brown, green, purple, orange, etc. Choose blues, blacks and light pastel shades. Creams and off-white are good and if you want to wear stripes, go in for vertical or diagonal stripes in light shades.

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