The day a child is born in a family, the responsibility of the whole family increases. Learn some effective parenting techniques that you can apply on your child.

Effective Parenting Techniques

 “To maintain a joyful family requires much from both the parents and the children. Each member of the family has to become, in a special way, the servant of the others.”
Family is the basis of every human life. How to raise a family is a Herculean task. The birth of the first child into a family of two, burdens them with the task of parenting and it starts from day one. It is always the parents who are responsible for correcting and guiding their children. However, how efficiently you express the corrective guidance makes all the difference in how well your child responds to it. There are parents who find happiness in blaming their children, complaining, torturing with words and they expect their children to learn everything the hard way. They are wrong! This way of parenting can only result in undermining your child’s self-esteem that can lead to resentment in later years. Instead, strive to nurture and encourage, even when disciplining your kids. Apply the magic wand of love. If you want to find more on how you can be an efficient parent go through the article given below.
How To Be An Effective Parent 
After becoming a parent you would realize that parenting is not a piece of cake. You can learn some new techniques to improvise your way of parenting here. 

Compliment Your Child
It is very common to blame and complain about the children at the drop of a hat. When the grownups look for acknowledgement for anything they do, why can’t the younger ones do the same? Try to appreciate and compliment your child if you catch him/her doing something worthwhile. Exhibit your love and affection towards your child in the form of hugs, kisses, a small pat, or even small gifts. You can find a growing tendency in your child to do similar things regularly after that. 

Help Your Child Build Self-Esteem 
You are the key factor when it comes to improving the self-esteem of the child. Your child will see himself/herself through your eyes, your body language as well as your actions and reactions. Sometime the words that you say can hurt him/her more that the spankings that you give. Avoid making comparisons with his/her siblings, encourage him/her in his/her doings, and at times compliment him/her as well. Make him/her feel that you are proud of your child, which can boost his/her self-esteem.
Discipline Them 
You should let them lead a life of proper discipline. It should be consistent too. It is not that you scold them for watching television before completing the homework one day and forget about it the other day. Make rules that are strict and don’t bend the rules for their sake. 

Spend Time With Your Children
Most parents fail to spend quality time with their children, as a result of which the gap between the children and the parents begins to widen. It widens to the extent that it becomes impossible to mend after some time. There is no better way to understand your child than to spend quality time with him/her. 

Be A Good Role Model
You are your child’s first teacher so ensure that you are a good role model for your growing child. Model the traits that you wish to cultivate in your child like tolerance, sincerity, honesty, kindness, friendliness as such. Above all, treat your kids the best possible way that you want others to treat you. 

Indulge in conversations with your children often. Ask them about their school, friends, teachers etc and be well aware of things that are happening in your child’s life. Only a proper communication can let children reveal their problems and queries. You can very well let them know about your expectations and anticipations as well. Enquire about his/her feelings towards you and share how you feel for him/her. 

Change The Rules With Time 
You cannot expect your 2-yr old to drink milk without spilling. You should encourage his/her act of drinking milk rather than scolding him/her for spilling. This attitude can be changed once he/she grows up. If he/she spills milk at the age of seven, you can scold him/her for that act. Teenagers rarely idolize their parents, but even then, you can provide a word or two of encouragement to them and keep the relationship healthy.
Nothing can beat love. The foundation of any relationship is love. Make them feel that whatever the case may be, how much ever they annoy you, your love for them will be unconditional.

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