The trend of Single Parent Adoption is being noticed in the society since a few years. This guide provides information on advantages & challenges of adopting as a single parent.

Single Parent Adoption

Since the past few years, a new trend has been seen in the field of adoption, that of Single Parent Adoption. Infact, it has been found out that around 25 percent of adoption cases of children with special needs and 5 percent of all adoption cases can be attributed to single men and women. Though it is mainly single women who are going in for adoption, single men also form a sizable proportion of the individuals who are adopting kids. However, in this case, men face a bias because of their gender. There are many countries which, though encourage adoption by single women, do not allow adoption by single men.
Single Parent Adoption Procedure Guide
In case you want to go in for single parent adoption, the first step should be collect information about the same. It is best to contact other single parents who have adopted kids or the social service agencies who assist in adoption. There are a number of books on adoption, which guide you through both, the emotional aspects of adoption as well as the adoption procedure. It is better to get yourself fully acquainted and be safe, rather than sorry. Though the adoption procedure can be a long and tiring one, it is definitely worth the effort.
The happiness and contentment that one feels on becoming a parent easily surpasses the difficulties that one had to face during the process. Be ready for a lot of paperwork and investigation. Some countries also have a minimum as well as a maximum age criteria for individuals who want to adopt a child. So, make sure to know about that in advance. Apart from that, your health conditions should be normal and your financial position should be sound.
In countries like India, the adoptive agencies give preference to individuals with a strong family support mechanism. After the agency officials have satisfied themselves, they will provide you with details of a compatible child. You have the choice to accept or reject him/her, but too many rejections on your part may be taken in a negative light. If the answer is yes, you will have to complete the legal formalities.
Problems - Before and After Adoption
After you have taken the decision of becoming a single parent and adopting a child, the first opposition might come from your family. This is so because the idea of a couple raising a child has become so ingrained in our mind, that we find it hard to accept otherwise. After having won them over, you will have to face thorough investigation on the part of the adoption agency, more so if you are a single man.
You will need to convince them that you are ready to handle all the mental, physical and financial responsibilities that go with the raising of a child. After you have taken the cute, little baby to your home, you will have to adjust your life according to him and it will require great efforts on your part to do the same. But then, remember, if you are determined and mature, nothing in this world can stop you from becoming a parent and enjoying parenthood.
Single Parent Adoption in India
In India also, the trend of single parent adoption has caught, especially with celebrities like Sushmita Sen going in for it. Even law, Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act and the Guardians and Wards Act, accepts the adoption of a child by a single parent. However, there are some conditions attached to it. A single parent who has not completed 45 years of age can adopt a child, provided his monthly income is above Rs 3000.
The minimum adoption age criteria for a single parent in India is 30 years. Along with that, the age difference between the adoptive single parent and adoptive child should be atleast 21 years. It is also necessary for the adoptive parent to have additional family support system. Last but not the least, there will be a homestudy, where an adoption counselor will visit your home to analyze your lifestyle, immediate and extended family, finances and reasons for adopting.
The homestudy procedure usually takes anywhere between four to six weeks, the exact time depending upon the state in which you are adopting. After the adoption agency has satisfied itself, you will be provided with the details of the child. Once you have given your consent, legal formalities will be completed and then, you can take your child to his new home. Though the procedure is a little lengthy and bothersome, it is definitely worth the joy of having a child in your arms.

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