The purpose of ‘Parent Teachers Meeting’ is to enable the parents and teachers to interact with each other. Read on and know what questions to ask at ‘Parent Teachers Conference’.

Questions To Ask At A Parent Teachers Conference

School life comprises of the formative years for a child, which play a major role in charting out the course for his/her future. During this period, it is imperative for not only teachers, but also parents, to provide their full support to children. In fact, it is very necessary for the parents and teachers to coordinate with each other, so that child receives support at both, home and school. Keeping this fact in mind, almost every school conducts ‘Parent Teachers Conference’, where parents and teachers interact with each other and find out ways to improve the overall performance of a child.
Questions to Ask at a Parent Teachers Conference
Before going for a parent-teachers meeting, you should prepare a checklist of the questions that you need to ask your child’s teacher. This will help you in gathering all the information about the behavior and performance of your child, during the time he/she is not with you. In the following lines, we have provided a list of questions that you should ask at ‘parent teaches conference’, in order to know your child better and find ways of helping him/her. 
  • In which areas is he/she the strongest?
  • What are his/her weaknesses?
  • What is the schedule of his/her classes this year?
  • Are group studies conducted for any subject? If yes, which subjects?
  • How does he/she behave in a group?
  • Is he/she comfortable addressing a large number of people?
  • Is he/she working up to his/her ability?
  • Are there any specific areas in which he/she needs to work harder?
  • How can I help him/her at home?
  • How does he/she interact with other students?
  • Is he/she able to get along with other children?
  • How does he/she behave with his/her teachers?
  • How much time should he/she spend on homework?
  • Does he/she show any signs of suffering from a mental/physical/emotional problem?
  • Does he/she indulge in any extra curricular activities?
  • Is there any particular field in which he/she does exceptionally well?
  • How is he/she evaluated?
  • Does he/she maintain discipline in the class?
  • What are the procedures that you use for maintaining discipline?
  • What are the options available for extra curricular activities?

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