Announcing pregnancy is one of the most intriguing news for the women to break. Given below are some creative ways and ideas for announcing pregnancy.

Announcing Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most cherished moments in a woman’s life. It is one of the greatest pleasures she experiences in her lifetime. It is obvious that she would like to announce the news of her pregnancy in the most exclusive and creative manner. Ideally, the good news is broken in front of the partner, who is equally responsible for making the moment arrive. This makes the process of announcing pregnancy exciting and thrilling, as you know that there is someone, who would be equally happy to hear the news. Thus, you really want to make it special. Given below are some interesting ways in which you can break the news of your pregnancy.
Ideas for Announcing Pregnancy 
  • The first person to be told about your pregnancy should ideally be your partner. You can choose to inform your partner in the most instinctive way and simply say, ‘Hey, I'm pregnant.’ However, do not expect an instant reaction from your partner, rather let the feeling settle.
  • In case you wish to share the news in a creative manner, there are a number of ways of doing it. You can do so by preparing a romantic dinner for the two of you. While serving a four-course meal, present baby-esque foods, including dishes such as baby-backed ribs, baby carrots and baby's apple juice, served in little sippy cups. For dessert, serve baby teething cookies.
  • If your partner loves to watch movies, then organize a movie night and rent baby-related movies, such as Nine Months, Junior, Baby's Day Out, etc. Write the news on a piece of paper and place it inside a DVD or VHS case. Ask your partner to play the movie and wait for your partner to read the note.
  • You can also gift your partner a t-shirt with Daddy or Mom written on it or a baby-related keychain, a baby book, as well as a few baby items.  
  • You can also choose to give your partner a bubble bath. Write a sweet note and pop it into a baby bottle. Hide the baby bottle in the bath tub. Let your partner find the bottle and read the note.
  • Both of you can also choose to play scrabble. Try to use only baby-related words.
  • Plan a shower together and write "Baby On Board" on your belly in washable marker. Let your partner get into the shower first and follow them or wait till they get out.
  • You can order a cake from a bakery with the text, ‘Congratulations on Your Pregnancy’. Ask your partner to get the cake home. When he asks who it's for, break the news.
  • You can send your partner a card with the good news, chosen name, and a copy of the sonogram.
  • You can leave a baby name book around the house and let your partner discover it.

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