There are a number of ways to avoid pregnancy, while engaging in sexual behavior. Go through this article and know how not to get pregnant.

How Not To Get Pregnant

Pregnancy is bliss! In fact, getting pregnant (irrespective of the numerous troubles that it causes a female) is one of the best things that can happen to a woman. However, there might be many reasons why a woman might not want to become a mother yet, like she is not married or she is not mentally prepared for it or she is not financially secure enough. Whatever be the reason, rather than getting an abortion, it is better to adopt ways to avoid the pregnancy altogether. In order to help all such women, we have listed information on how not to get pregnant, in the lines below. 
Ways To Avoid Pregnancy
One of the most common ways that people adopt to avoid pregnancy comprises of withdrawal. In case you don't get it, it means that the man withdraws from the women just before he reaches orgasm (or ejaculates). While it is surely popular amongst couples, it is not 100 percent effective. There are always chances of a few drops of semen escaping even before the man has a chance to withdraw. However, it can surely prove to be an additional safety precaution in case of women already using oral contraceptives.
Rhythm Method
Yet another method of avoiding pregnancy is following the rhythm method. In this case, the woman monitors and keeps proper track of her menstrual cycle and ovulation. Depending upon her observation, she ascertains the days on which she is safe", in other words - she cannot get pregnant. The couple has sex on these days only. In order to follow this particular method, it is advisable to consult an OB-GYN for the proper documentation of a woman's cycle, as different women tend to have different ovulation cycles.
Use Of Contraceptives
Using contraceptives is still one of the most trusted ways of not getting pregnant. There are several forms of contraceptives used in the present times, right from the oral contraceptives to male and female condoms and even IUDs. Talking about oral contraceptives, they are meant for the women only and modify her egg cell production in such a way that the eggs cannot be fertilized by the sperms. A male condom, on the other hand, is a thin rubber material worn over the penis, to prevent the sperm cells from reaching the woman's egg cells.
A female condom works just like the male condom. However, in the former, the rubber material is inserted in the woman's vagina, covering the cervix. As it blocks the uterus, the sperms do not reach the eggs and pregnancy is avoided. Last, but not the least, is the IUD (or an intrauterine device), which is a tiny device inserted inside a woman's uterus, through an operation. It controls the woman's hormones in such a way that pregnancy does not take place. This method remains effective for several years at a stretch.
Abstinence & Sterilization
Apart from the method mentioned above, there are two other ways through which pregnancy can be avoided. These include abstinence and sterilization. Abstinence, best in case of couples who are not married, involves avoiding pregnancy by not engaging in sex in the first place. In the second case i.e. sterilization, a surgical procedure is undertaken, which leaves a male or female unable to reproduce. A method of birth control, it is usually adopted by couples who do not wish to have more children.

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