The rate of teenage pregnancies puts a damper not only on a teenager’s life, but on the unborn too! Take a peek at this article to be aware of the consequences of teenage pregnancies.

Consequences Of Teenage Pregnancy

Some say sex is good, some say there’s nothing better, and a few resort to complete abstinence. As society gets more liberal, teenage sex has turned into a roaring phenomenon. You are sixteen and still a virgin! Man, you ought to be a good liar, or else embrace yourself for social ostracization! The prevalent downside to this trend is the fact that many naive teenagers engage in sex, not only against their free will, but also without taking the essential precautionary measures. Seven minutes of pleasure begets a lifetime of regret! Yes, abortion often appears to be the best remedy. Nonetheless, think twice! Not only does the moral or legal aspect haunt you, but several looming factors threaten to suck the joy out of your life. Moreover, many pregnant teens are unable to afford an abortion and reluctantly nurse the bun in the oven. Statistics have disclosed that nearly 500,000 teenage girls become mothers annually worldwide! Sadly enough, the rise of unplanned pregnancies have grave consequences not only on the mother, but on the baby, the family and maybe even world economy as a whole!

Teenage Pregnancy Consequences

Mental Teen Trauma
The first dilemma faced by a pregnant girl is whether to have the baby or not! Many feel that they aren’t ready to raise a child and give up on their career dreams; hence they either choose to abort or give up the baby for adoption. Some fear society and are too afraid to expose a pregnant belly to the rest of the world. Some may be opposed to adoption, but are unable to find a solution that solves the crisis. In the midst of all this, stress levels soar and school grades take a sharp decline. Pregnant teenagers have an 80% dropout rate, and most schools refuse to lend a helping hand to deal with the issue.

Health Risks
Teen mothers are far more likely to be lured by alcohol, drugs and cigarettes than normal mothers. This obviously poses drastic health consequences for the baby. As miserable teenage mothers aren’t likely to gain adequate weight, the birth weight of the baby suffers! This increases the risk of premature birth and underdeveloped organs. Teenage mothers rarely receive regular prenatal care which can have detrimental effects on the baby such as intestinal complications, loss of vision, respiratory distress syndrome and even brain haemorrhage. Also, these children may suffer from lack of proper nutrition, healthcare, and cognitive stimulation. Consequently, their academic performances falter and they are deprived of intellect.

Relationship Strains And Sacrifices
An unplanned teenage pregnancy puts a damper on several happy teenage tidings. Conservative parents are greatly disappointed and this often triggers a series of disagreements. Family relationships disintegrate. Teenage friends keep their distance and the poor pregnant teenager is left to sink in melancholy. While their friends shop for glamorous prom clothes, they scout for baby clothes. Sometimes, parents succumb to societal pressures and convince their impregnated daughters or to-be-father sons to tie the knot.  A teenage parent has to give up on the thrills and quirks of being a teenager.

Financial Difficulties
Teenage fathers often bear the brunt of this dilemma too! Not that they shouldn’t, but let’s not dismiss the fact that they endure a fair share of repentance as well. They obviously don’t yet have the income to support a family and moreover, this deters them from completing a full-fledged education. Their ambitions are impeded by this one silly mistake! With their education cut short, it is incredibly difficult for teen parents to hold a decent job. Thus, their reduced earning capacity greatly affects the child’s future. Financial crises pave the way for frustrated parents venting their frustrations on their innocent children and so on. Over 75% are unmarried, and most parenting teens do not have the economic or social resources to provide for themselves or their children.

Yes, in the long run, the world as a whole suffers. Unplanned teenage pregnancies give rise to badly raised kids. Many go astray and resort to bad habits. They are often a menace to society. Crime rates tend to shoot up. Overpopulation accounts for the excess of poverty in this world. Reduced teenage pregnancies will benefit not just the concerned teenager at fault, but possibly the whole world!

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