You might have to face some problems while raising teenage girls, but on the whole, it's fun. Check out information on parenting teenage girl.

Problems Raising A Teenage Girl

Teenage years are one of the most challenging times in a person’s life. It is that phase of the life when a lot of changes take place within the body of a child, who is slowly heading towards adulthood. During teen years, there are hormonal shifts and drastic changes in body shape as well as mental architecture. Thus, pre-teen and teen years can be quite unsettling as they comprise of a plethora of perplexing problems, to be tackled by both a girl or a boy and his/her parent. However, raising a teenage girl can be quite a fun, if you just be a little patient and understanding. Nothing feels better than actually living your child’s adolescence. Check out more on the problems raising a teenage girl as well as ways to tackle them.
Problems Raising a Teenage Girl
The basic problem faced by teenage girls is that they become aware of their sexuality, owing to the hormonal changes that take place in the body. This is taken differently by every girl. Moreover, they become overwhelmed at the slightest troublesome situation. They can be quite interested in dating and making friends with boys. Party and friends might mean the world to them. They might get agitated and irritated at the smallest of issues and might find your words preachy. Some girls become introvert, as they are uncomfortable with the new changes taking place.
How to Raise a Teenage Girl 
  • Maintain a normal and healthy life at home, which gives them a comfortable feeling. If the relationship between the parents is stable. It gives a sense of security to the kid.
  • Arrange for frequent family dinner, which gives teenagers a feeling of belonging and being a part of something.
  • Be supportive of her ideas and feelings, warning her about the implications, in case you do not find anything right. However, do not go overboard with your opinions.
  • Take out time to be with your daughter. Go for a walk and give her personal attention.
  • Encourage her to participate in sports and community service.
  • Give her opportunities to make important decisions at home.
  • To boost her morale, encourage her to participate in situations where success is guaranteed.
  • Give her a chance to interact with adults in a confident manner.
  • Make sure you respect the feelings of your daughter and encourage her to share them with you.
  • Share your experiences with your daughter, telling her your mistakes and successes.
  • Though you should set rules and boundaries for her to follow, do not be too harsh with regard to your words or punishments.
  • Always praise her when she makes a good choice, complimenting her for her competency at things.
  • A father should make a point to promote an outgoing attitude in his daughters. He should set the example of her mother, so that the girl feels proud being a woman.
  • Do not worry too much and give them the space they require to be themselves. Too much restriction will aggravate the situation.
  • Do not be too judgmental of whatever she says. Listen to her with open mind and heart.
  • Make her feel comfortable in your company. Act like her companion, so that she can confide in you.

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