Is the oncoming fatherhood driving you nuts? Are you getting goose bumps? Fret not. Go through this article and learn on how to be a good father. These tips would surely help you to be a good dad.

How To Be A Good Father

If a man was asked “Of all the roles that you have adorned in life, which is the role that you greatly cherish?”, then the definite answer one is likely to recieve would be, the role of a father. From being a careless young toddler, a rebellious teenager and an angry young man to a traumatized husband, a strict yet submissive father and a passive old man, mid way in this turbulent roller coaster called life, fatherhood strikes a chord with every man. Most men say that they finally grow up when the responsibility of a child rests on their shoulders. Most men also fear the transition; feeling incapable of such a big responsibility. True, being a parent is no mean feat, especially in times when two large beady eyes stares up at you expectantly, choking the living daylights out of you! However, being a father comes with a lot of perks too. Phrases like “my daddy strongest” and “my dad is the best dad in the world” will truly make you gush with delight. A father is a problem solver, the pillar for support who remains calm and composed at all times. Remember, being a good father is not a very difficult thing, as most children have very little expectations. All that is required for you to do is to be there, when your child needs you the most. In the following lines, we have mentioned tips on being a good dad. Browse further and learn the art that fatherhood is!
Being A Good Dad
  • Most men have the tendency of portraying themselves as the tough guys. However, beneath that tough exterior lies a gentle, emotional man who is capable of showering unconditional love. Though you must have smoothly treaded the first half of your life being a strong, hard-to-impress man, know that the second half of your life demands you to be emotional and gentle. Show your child your loving and caring side. Remember, a child deprived of love will grow up facing intimacy issues.
  • Being a father is not only a fulfilling, but a fun filling task. Enjoy the whole process of being a father. Bask in the glory of all the firsts you have with your child—the first time he/she calls out your name, the first time you take your child to the park, the first time you give him/her love advice. It is a series of all these firsts that make up beautiful memories, memories that you will be remembered by after you are dead and gone.
  • It is probably hard to fathom, but you have the capability to shape your child’s mind. A child’s mind is highly impressionable, anything you do or say leaves a lasting impression. Do not use foul language in front of your child. It is essential to remember that you are responsible for your child. Take up responsibility and shed away your careless ways. Share your responsibilities with your wife. Work as a team and in no time you would be cakewalking through the whole process of bringing up a healthy happy child.
  • Are you someone who is married to your work? If yes, then it is time to turn tables. Work is no excuse for not spending time with your child. During the formative years, it is essential that you spend quality time with your child. A rebellious teenager is best handled by a cool dad, than an oversensitive mom. It is important to earn material comforts for your child. However, just buying big and costly toys is not your only responsibility as a father.
  • Let your child be his own. Do not compare your child with other kids. Appreciate his/her original thought process and let him/her take the decisions. Give your child responsibility and appreciate him/her when they are executed well. Only then would you create a rapport between you and your child. Also, only when you respect and esteem your child’s individuality would he/she revere yours. 
  • During the turbulent teenage years, it is important to remember that the child might go through the “I hate you” phase. Do not overreact, but reprimand him/her in case of misconduct. It is just a phase that he/she is bound to get over, along with the wild ways. Be father and friend with your child instead of just being a father and note the difference. Help your child to make the right choices in life.
  • Just be there for your child always. There may be times when your child would be busy in his/her own life. However, that does not mean you are less important. Your child needs you at all point of time. He/she needs a father who is always in there, who pays attention, who is interested in what is happening, who does things with him/her and most importantly who is concerned about him/her. Show your child that he/she is important to you and give him/her your undivided time and attention.

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