Planning pregnancy is not easy and you have to consider a lot of things before you actually plan to conceive. Read on to know how to plan pregnancy.

How To Plan Pregnancy

If you are having maternity feeling or when you see somebody with a baby and feel something is amiss in your life, or if your home seems too orderly or silent, then you may want to increase the family and bring a new member to your life and to this world. Planning to increase the family is a very big decision. Pregnancy is something, which would alter your life forever. Having a baby is god’s blessing, however, raising a baby is not easy. It takes a lot of effort and sacrifice from your part. Having a baby should not be a day’s decision and should be made after a lot of consideration and planning. You need to think about a lot of things before you plan pregnancy so that you would be able to provide your baby a healthy and stimulating environment to grow up into. Explore the following pointers to know the tips for planning pregnancy.
Tips For Planning Pregnancy 
  • The most important thing, which you have to ask you and your husband, is that whether you are ready to get pregnant or it’s just a momentary rush. Remember that just because everyone around yourself is getting pregnant doesn’t mean you need to get pregnant too.
  • Sometimes we tend to lean towards pregnancy planning because of the pressure from family. It may be because your grandmother wants to see your baby or it may be because your mother-in-law is persuading you. However, remember that it is not a good reason to plan pregnancy, as ultimately it would be you and your husband who would be taking care of the baby.
  • Remember that it should be a joint decision and both the spouse should be ready for the child. Talk to each other and only if both the partners are ready then only think about planning the pregnancy.
  • Think of your respective jobs. If you have a job, which gives you enough room to be able to take some months off, and you don’t have much hectic schedule, then you can think about planning pregnancy.
  • Think about your financial conditions and whether it allows you to take care of the baby. Have you saved enough money to last you if anything goes wrong with your job? Do you live in your own apartment? Are you in some kind of financial obligations? Think of all these things and try to manage accordingly.
  • Another wrong reason to plan pregnancy is that either or both of you want to revive the relationship and think of a child as a tool for that. You need to plan pregnancy only when you and your partner are in healthy, monogamous, and loving relationship.
  • You also need to reconsider when you have had a miscarriage or abortion recently. Ask your gynecologist to suggest you about the best time to conceive. Generally, a health care provider may tell you to wait for four to six months after you had a miscarriage.
  • If one or both the partners smoke or booze or if you have any kind of drug addictions, then you need to quit these before you plan pregnancy for a healthy pregnancy. Smoking and boozing are even linked to fertility problems.
  • After you have thought about conceiving, visit your doctor for thorough checkup, and let your doctor know about your decision of conceiving especially if you are on some kind of medications. Your doctor would help you plan your pregnancy better.
  • You could also take folic acid vitamin supplements before conceiving. Taking a prenatal vitamin is supposed to be very good for the health of the growing baby.
  • If you are living off junk foods, now is the time to stop. You need to start eating healthy with loads of vegetables and fruits. Try to have all the meals and have a balanced diet.
  • Exercise is also necessary for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. If you don’t spend time exercising, now is the time to take out some time for exercising, it will not only keep you in good shape but also help you in having a healthy pregnancy.
  • If stress is your constant companion, then you need to take up yoga, meditation, or anything, which may help you combat stress. Deal with your stress before you plan pregnancy.

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