While dealing with rebellious teenagers, you should keep a number of things in mind. Here in this article, you will learn how to deal with a rebellious teen.

Dealing With Rebellious Teenagers

Teenage is the transition stage wherein a child matures into an adolescent. Teenagers, being at this critical point of time, go through vast number of physical and psychological changes, which in turn brings about a difference in their behavior towards others, especially their parents. The teens consider that they are no longer small kids and be treated like adults. They are in the constant search of their identities and often seek independence from their parents. In the process, they tend to develop thoughts, habits and behaviors that are contradictory to that of their parents, who have been a protective shield until they entered the stage of adolescence. Cases of teenagers becoming adamant and rebellion are increasing day by day, because of number of factors. In this article, we have discussed the best ways of dealing with rebellious teenagers.
How To Deal With A Rebellious Teen
Rebellious teenagers often feel lack of motivation and support. They need to be assured that they would be shown the right path and their mistakes would be corrected, so that they prevent it from happening again. Therefore, showing your support is quintessential in dealing with a rebellious teen.  
Rebellious teenagers might resort to violent or harmful ways of doing things. Instead of using harsh methods for disciplining them, use love as your tool. As a parent or a friend, it is your duty to show your unconditional love to them. During the critical stage of life, you need to show that you would be always there for them.
Communication is an effective tool in disciplining adamant and disobedient teenagers. Do not make them feel isolated, because it is the worst that you can do to them. Lend an ear to their concerns, be the shoulder to cry on. Give them opportunity to open up their minds, instead of suppressing their stance. They need to be assured that you do not treat them like children any more.
Keep A Balance
Since teenagers cannot be categorized into children or adults, you need to balance yourself - do not be too strict or too lenient. By being overprotective, you would actually make them feel that they are not given the due freedom, which turns them even more rebellious.
Give Them Freedom
Allow the rebellious teenagers to choose their own tastes in clothes, hobbies and activities, provided their preferences do not prove to be offensive or harmful for themselves and others. This freedom gives them a sense of identity and creates a stronger personality, which is not dependent solely on the parents.
Acknowledge their achievements, whether big or small. It is very important to praise the qualities and decisions of your teenagers, especially when they are rebellious. Praise them with rewards, which would in turn help them repeat the positive things again. However, ensure that you do not overdo it, because it could spoil them.  
Avoid Comparison
Do not compare your teenager verbally, with someone else who has achieved more. Comparison is the worst thing that you can do to rebellious teenagers. This is because, when they are compared to others, they would feel inferior to their counterparts.

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