Dress code is an integral part of school environment. Find out some of the advantages & disadvantages of school uniform.

Pros & Cons Of School Uniforms

After a child is born, his parents dream of seeing him grow and go through various important stages of life. One of the initial and most vital steps towards growing and understanding the world is going to school. School is the center of learning and temple of knowledge, which the child attends to decipher the various mysteries and puzzles of existence. It helps in his/her development and helps to make a completely independent identity. Thus, school is the most crucial place for a child. Owing to the importance of school there are several issues that are significant in making the schools a better place for students. The provision of dress code in school has emerged to be one such heated topic. Many schools believe uniform is necessary in an environment like school whereas, many others view it as restriction imposed on children. It is a much debated subject, with both the parties holding equal number of valid reasons. So, as of now, whether or not to enroll their children in a school which follows a strict dress code has become a matter of choice for the parents. To know the pros and cons of wearing school uniforms, read further.
  • A fixed dress code helps the students perform academically better. Students concentrate more on their studies rather than on deciding their wardrobe.
  • Apart from removing distraction, uniforms compel students to take school environment more seriously.
  • Children tend to be misjudged and ridiculed by others due to the kind of clothes they wear. Thus, uniforms reduce social conflict and violence in the schools. As per the US Department of Education, the enforcement of a standard dress/uniform in schools reduces violence within the school. It is seen that at a lot of times violence arises out of debates over fashionable clothes.
  • One of the most profound benefits of having schools uniforms is that, they are highly cost effective and relieve the parents from the burden of buying fashionable and expensive clothes every now and then. Many parents have agreed on this and have also mentioned that schools uniforms are sometime more durable as they are made for repeated wash and wear. Parents can also buy used school uniforms at discount prices or they can do the hand-me-downs between siblings.
  • Students in schools with uniforms are believed to perform better because they are not distracted by their wardrobes.
  • Another general assumption is that students who wear uniforms behave more appropriately and are more likely to follow the school rules.
  • Moreover, schools which support the use of uniforms are of the opinion that designer clothes do not determine one’s individuality or talent.
  • Some believe that uniforms help build a school spirit or a sense of belonging.
  • School uniforms surely curb the self-expression of a child. Sociologists believe that it may lead to inappropriate ways of expression by children, such as improper use of makeup and jewelry.
  • Another reason argued against school uniforms is that they deprive the children of their individuality. The stress on a uniform dress code in school opposes the spirit of unity in diversity and its celebration. It is even claimed to restrict socialization, a vital aspect of human nature.
  • In comparison to civil dress, school uniforms prove to be futile and wasteful once the child is out of school. Some parents consider that uniforms for schools are a waste of money.
  • Another ill effect of school uniform is that, it deprives the children the comfort, which one experiences on wearing different type of clothing, as per individual choice. This discomfort might adversely reflect upon the academic performance of the child.
  • A child in uniform may be targeted for bullying by children of other schools.
  • Some students do not like to be bound be any rules and to force such children to wear uniforms is like arousing hostility in them. Uniforms will only aggravate their rebellious nature.
  • Adversaries insist that there is no credible evidence that uniforms improve a child’s school discipline or encourage higher academic achievement. Studies have shown that, some students who excel in academics have a terrible dressing sense. So, it does not matter how a student dresses, however, it is important that the student should be allowed to dress in way he or she likes.
A child should be allowed to make his or decision when it comes to uniforms. If the child is not bothered or is unaffected by the fact that, he has to wear a uniform, there is no scope for worries for the parents. On the other hand, if a child resists the idea of wearing a uniform, it is better that the parents do not force him. A child should be allowed to make his/her own decision whether or not to wear a uniform.  

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