Bed or sleep wetting in children is a common occurrence. So read home remedies for treating kid’s bedwetting problem.

Bed Wetting In Children

Bed-wetting is also called sleep-wetting. It happens when a child involuntarily wets his bed, while sleeping, because his body is unable to control the bladder or flow of urine in this state. While the wetting of bed is common occurrence in kids till the age of five or six years, it ceases to be so thereafter. Study states that 60 per cent of all bed-wetters are males, whereas 90 per cent of them wet the bed almost every night. While bed or sleep wetting is not physically painful, the children affected by it may suffer from psychological problems.
The psychological problems associated with bed wetting crucially arise from the shame linked to it. Some parents are known to mete out punishments to their kids for wetting the bed. The children may also feel put down by their unaware parents or ridiculed by their brothers and sisters for the same reason. Punishing or scolding such kids /children will not only dent their self worth, but also make it harder for them to control this problem. In case your child is also suffering from the problem, make use of home remedies to correct it.
Home Remedies for Bedwetting 
  • The easiest remedy for bedwetting is to cut down the consumption of water or any other form of liquid by the kid, a few hours before he / she goes off to sleep.
  • Set a habit in your child, of going to the bathroom and pee, before he / she goes off to sleep.
  • If essential, wake up child from sleep once during nighttime, so that he / she can drain his / her bladder.
  • The problem of bed or sleep wetting may rise when the temperatures drop. So ensure that your child is cozy at night.
  • If possible, you can make the kid wear diapers to lessen his / her humiliation and keep him / her from creating a mess.
  • Before you child goes off to bed, make him/ her eat two tsp walnut halves, along with one tsp raisins.
  • You can make your child practice retention control in the day, by postponing urination, by a few minutes initially. With time, increase the time of retention.
  • Giving your child six to eight oz. of cranberry juice, one hour before going to bed, might also prove useful.
  • Massage the inner thigh of your child on an every day basis, with good massage oil.
  • Making your child chew cinnamon bark once in a day is yet another effective remedy for bed wetting.
  • Try to avoid giving juices of fruits like apple, orange, grapes and pineapple, to your child. Even sweets, chocolates, meat and artificial additives are better kept at bay.
  • Banana is one of the fruits that are believed to be good for treating the problem of bedwetting. Feed it to your child at least once in a day.
  • In acute cases of bed-wetting, it is advised to consult a doctor and allow him to treat the problem.

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