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Cures To Stop Bed Wetting

Bed wetting, medically termed as Enuresis, is a common problem experienced by young children. The tendency of a child to urinate in the bed during night often lands his/her parents in trouble, because they have to clear the entire mess. It is equally embarrassing for the children, as they would not want to find themselves lying in a bed that has been made wet all through the last night. When you are a parent, it becomes your responsibility to find a cure for the problem. This is because bed wetting seriously affects the health of the child.
How To Stop Bedwetting In Children 
  • Your child will have a tendency to urinate during night, if he/she is given water or other fluids just before going to bed. To prevent the bed from getting wet, stop giving your child water and or any other fluid one hour before bedtime.
  • Remind your child to go to toilet before going to bed, whenever he/she forgets to do so. Developing this habit in him/her will solve the problem of bed-wetting to a great extent.
  • A number of stretching exercises are specially formulated to cure the problem of bed-wetting in children. Such exercises, if done regularly, can help the gall bladder of the child to hold more urine during the night. Consult a physical trainer to figure out which type of exercises will be suitable for your kid.
  • A battery operated alarm device might be useful to cure the problem of bed wetting in your child. Place the alarm near the bedside table. Whenever it sets off, the sound will wake up your child and remind him/her to use the toilet. Teach your child how to reset the alarm, before going back to sleep.
  • Various medicines are now available in the market, to stop bed-wetting in children. Such drugs increase the capacity of bladder to hold urine during night. In case you find the problem to be chronic in your child, consult a pediatrician and get a medicine prescribed for the same.
  • Most children stop wetting the bed, as they grow older. If your child encounters the problem, do not make him/her feel guilty or embarrassed by punishing him/her. He/she will, most probably, get rid of the problem with the advancement of age. If he/she doesn't, you always have the doctors to rely on.

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