For toddlers, playing with toys is a fun filled activity. Explore the article and get information about the top and best educational toys for children.

Best Educational Toys For Toddlers

Toddlers are not only very active and creative; they are quick learners as well. The most appropriate way to educate the little ones is to gift them educational toys. Playing with educational toys can be a lot of fun. It will be a wonderful experience for the babies, if they are supplied with a wide range of toys that helps them to flex their muscles and learn about the basic colors, alphabets and counting in a fun and interesting way. Given here is information about some of the best educational toys for toddlers, which can prove to be beneficial for their overall development.
Top Educational Toys For Children
Sorting And Stacking Toys
Learning can be a lot of fun, if the toddlers are supplied with sorting and stacking toys. The little ones can learn counting through the ring counters. Shape and color sorter can help them know about the vibrant colors and various geometrical shapes. Stacking up the cups and cubes will engage the toddlers for a long time and will prove to be quiet interesting.
Wooden Puzzles
When it comes to education through toys, wooden puzzles are counted amongst the best ones. Supply your toddlers with a couple of toys of the sort. You may give them tree, house, flower or train puzzles. Number puzzles and circle sorter puzzle are also nice options to choose from. A nice way to teach table etiquettes and basic food groups is to gift the toddlers a 3D dinner puzzle board.
Building Blocks
Building blocks can serve as the best educational toys, if you want to teach organizational skills to your children. They will learn about colors, counting, sizes and many other valuable activities while arranging the given set of blocks. This is a fun way to help the babies recognize various geometrical shapes.
Musical Table
Musical table is a hit amongst toddlers aged between 6 months and 3 years. Various effects of sounds, songs, motion and lights can be taught to the children through a musical table. A wide variety of such toys is available in the market. One of the popular musical tables available in the stores introduces alphabet, numbers, colors and sounds to the toddler, when it is played.
Toy Drum
By presenting a toy drum to your toddler, you will actually help him/her learn many things musically. The drum will recite alphabets or numbers, whenever the child bangs on it. This way, he/she will learn counting and alphabets very easily.
Toy Puppy

If playing with a soft toy is the favorite pastime of your child, a laughing puppy will be the best companion for him/her. The puppy will not only make the baby laugh, but also teach him/her many things about the body parts, colors and alphabets, through songs.  

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