Find out useful information on cleaning & sanitizing baby’s bath toys and know how to sanitize bathtub toys.

How To Sanitize Bathtub Toys

If you have a baby or a toddler, then, the bath time is perhaps the most fun time as during this time the baby can play with the number of bathtub toys that he might have. Infants and toddlers just love to splash around in the water and play with these toys.
However, these bathtub toys can prove to be unhealthy and dangerous to your baby if not kept in good condition or sanitized. Follow the steps mentioned below to ensure that the baby's bathtub toys are safe and healthy.
Bath specific toys - Always use only bath specific toys. Bath specific toys are those toys which are meant for the bathtub. Do not be tempted to throw away all kinds of toys inside the tub thinking that the more toys there are, the more enjoyable it will be for your child. Always, stick to the toys that are specifically designed for water. Toys designed for use in a bathtub can be easily dried and also contain waterproof materials.
Allow toys to dry - This is yet another important step for parents to follow. Keeping the toys safe and healthy is very important as is investing in a simple bath toy bag or other such container which will keep the toys dry. Make sure that these toys are specifically designed for baby bath tubs. Once the bath time is over, put the toys in the container that is made for it and dry them thoroughly. If not dried properly, these can breed deadly bacteria and can cause some diseases as well.
Clean them - Do not think that since the bath-toys are constantly in the water, you don't need to clean them. Bath toys do need to be cleaned thoroughly every once in a while. There are lots of sanitizing sprays that are available for the purpose. However, if the toy is safe to be put in a dishwasher, then you can wash them nicely in one.
Bleach - You can use bleach to clean the bathtub toys as well. A bleach solution can be very useful in sanitizing the toys. Wash the toys thoroughly with the bleaching solution. However, be sure to keep the bleaching powder or the solution well out of children's reach as that can harm your toddler.
Keep some toys in bathtub - It is a good idea to always keep some kind of toys in the bathtub so that your baby can play with them while others are being cleaned. Then, when you are ready to clean the toys in the tub, you can replace them with the already cleaned ones.

No mold - Always avoid getting mold in the bathtub toys by completely emptying out the toys at the end of each bath and placing them over a towel. This will eliminate the need to use bleach to clean the toys.

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