The first year of any child is special not only for him/her, but also for his/her parents. Here are some of the best toys that are ideal to be gifted to 1-year old baby.

Toys For One Year Olds

One-year-old babies should be treated as if they have just crossed a milestone; after all, it is not easy to have to learn something new each day and still keep mommy and daddy on their toes all day! Thus, on the first birthday, they should be awarded somehting special for having spent a whole year on this wonderful planet - learning, laughing, crying, crawling, The gifts should match up to their level of energy. Here are some wonderful gifting ideas for toddlers who have just completed a year on earth. Read on and explore toys for one year olds.
Best Toys For 1 Year Old
Here are some ideas for toys that could be gifted on a child’s first birthday:
Bang! Bang!
Toddlers love to make noise as it gets them the much coveted attention. So if you want to delight a one-year-old, give him toys that rattle, clang, beep, or play music. Toy drums, pianos, musical cars, dolls or even tops that play music whenever they spin - anything that emits a sound (and light, if possible) is a good option.
Fix The Shape
Matching the right peg with its corresponding hole is a substantial challenge for a one-year-old toddler; being successful in the task will be quite an achievement for him/ her too. You could always choose from the classic wooden 'peg in the hole' toys, such as puzzles of alphabets, shapes, animals, fruits and vegetable. Shape sorters or soft, squishy models with bold black-and-white or colourful patterns that have become a rage with mommies and babies these days are other options.
Stack ‘Em Up!
Building blocks are the most classic example of gift that people over the ages have gifted to toddlers. It’s fun for kids to stack up the blocks one by one, bring it up to their own height and then break it down again. It is fun to watch for all us grownups too! You could also gift them a ring stacker and various rings of different colours and shapes, watching them stack the rings one by one. Try not to help them!
Who’s Speaking?”
Most toddlers will delight in having their own toy phone; especially since the one used at home are off limits. In addition to the traditional rotary dial phones, today's models also have touchtone buttons and they beep like the real thing. When the baby picks up his/ her receiver, grab yours as well and have a conversation. Heshe may not be saying more than a few words yet, but he'll/she’ll love it anyway. Remember to pick one with soft sounds. Some cheap models have very loud jarring music that may hurt your baby’s ears and even affect his/her hearing.
Baby Love
Toddlers often feel that they are the littlest ones, the ones who are always dependent on others. A baby doll will make them feel like they are grown up and responsible too. It will also teach them how to be careful with people, who might get hurt if manhandled; while they play with them. They may even put the doll to sleep, just as you put them to sleep or feed it with a bottle just like you do.

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