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What Age Should You Give Cell Phone To Your Kids?

Children of today shape the future of our society and nation. Thus you want them to be efficient personalities with sound characters. Nowadays, TV cartoons and video games are stealing a kid’s time which he/she is supposed to spend with his/her little friends by playing fun outdoor games. Children should have proper mental growth and the communication with their friends can improve the power of their perception. They have access to every advanced technology now and that too from a very early age. Parents are confused about whether they should gift cell phones to their little ones in the young age or wait till a certain age. Read on the article to get few ideas about what age you can give cell phones to your kids. 

Right Age To Get A Child A Cell Phone
Nowadays, kids live in a technologically advanced world and they know how to operate computers, cell phones, fax machines and internet. With a lot of time spent on gadgets and gizmos, children don’t have enough time for outdoor games. It is very important for them to be in the company of children of their age. It helps in their mental health and emotional growth. The sense and perception power in children improves when they interact with their friends. It is very important for a kid to spend time amidst nature, riding bicycles and playing hide and seek, lock and key, and other such games.

There are lots of discussions among parents about what is the right age to gift a child his first cell phone. You shouldn’t gift a cell phone in an early age. As at that time, children have no knowledge of the right and wrong. An eight year old is obviously a school going child and he doesn’t need to carry a cell phone with him. The child probably will not go anywhere other than his school and friends’ homes. All of these places have phones so you don’t have to worry about lack of communication when needed. Children never take ultimate care for their toys or cloth. They would act in the same way if you gift them some electronic gadgets such as cell phones because they will not think about the market value of that product. They may miss it anywhere or damage it by playing with it. The best thing would be not to give cell phone at this age. 

You can gift your child a good but inexpensive cell phone when he gets into middle school. Children would become more independent by that time. They would want to meet a friend or want to party and would demand privacy and own space. They may participate in school’s extracurricular activities and they may want to call you for some help, at times. In this kind of an occasion, your kid needs fast and perfect communication with you. Thus, you can gift them the cell phones. When your child reaches high school, cell phone is a necessity. You should know where your child goes after school and what are his activities after school hours. Cell phone can act as medium which can keep you informed about your child's whereabouts. So it would be better to gift your child a cell phone probably at the age of 15 or 16.

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