It is easier to climb a mountain on one leg than to take a child to a doctor. Explore the article below to know how to prepare kids for doctor visits.

Prepare Your Children For Doctor Visits

For kids a doctor is the equivalent of a hangman. Whisper the word ‘doctor’ and suddenly your kid turns into a mini- tyrant. If you have read the comic strip ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ you will understand how the doctor sends a chill down the spine of Calvin, and other kids for that matter. Calvin considers his doctor no better than a sadistic interrogator and a quack. For children, in general, a visit to the doctor is the end of life. What scares them most are the tools of torture that the doctor brandishes. No amount of cajoling will make them think otherwise. And to top it all the disgusting medicines that the doctor gives! Any kid in his or her right mind would like to think of the doctor as less as possible. But going to the doctor is necessary and so parents must do their best to prepare their children for this task. So, if you are having a hard time convincing your child, then read the article below to learn more on how to prepare your kids for doctors’ visits.
How To Prepare Child For A Doctor Visit 
  • Demystify the doctor. For children, the doctor is a mystery which makes them apprehensive when they are faced with the prospect of visiting the doctor. Make them understand that the doctor is another harmless human like yourself and that even you visit the doctor when you are sick.
  • Make them understand fully the purpose of the visit. Tell them why it is necessary and inform them as much as you know. When children get to know the real purpose of visiting the doctor, they tend to become more cooperative.
  • It is better to explain what they would be going through at the doctor’s office so that they are well prepared for it. In this way they are more likely not to create a scene.
  • Tell the child that he or she can talk to the doctor and also ask any questions which will boost the confidence of the kid.
  • Don’t make the mistake of telling that it won’t hurt but tell that it will only hurt a little or it won’t hurt for a long time. This will make them expect what is about to come.
  • Give an advance warning to the child about the visit to the doctor.
  • Tell the truth to your children instead of them finding out later at the doctor's place. If they are going to get an injection then don’t lie about it.
  • Make them know that you will be there with them throughout the visit. Make them understand that they won’t be alone with the doctor and you will always be nearby. If the kids cry then reassure them but don’t make them feel guilty.
  • Sometimes it is better to take the younger kids when you or your older kids visit the doctor. This will familiarize them with the medical environment and the next time they have to go there won’t be too much fuss.  

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