Even though it is normal for kids to cry & howl on the initial days of their school life, there are ways you as a parent can help curb your child's fears. Read tips on preparing your child for school.

Preparing Your Child For School

It is normal for maximum kids to howl and cry on the very first day of their school life. The new ambience coupled with new faces in the school is bound to make the child feel anxious and make him / her cry. While a lot of kids get accustomed to the new pattern in a few days’ time, few kids carry the fear for a longer phase. The crying and howling thus continues, creating problems not only to the parents but also to the school management after the initial phase is over. For this reason, it is important that parents take care in preparing their little ones for school in advance. Read to know how you can do this.   
Tips for Preparing Your Child for School
  • Begin readying your child for school a few weeks before he / she is to join the institution.
  • You can take your child along with you to tour the school a couple of times before he /she finally begins attending classes on a regular basis. This way, the school ambience will not seem strange to the child and he / she will feel less scared.  
  • Take the child along with you when you are purchasing his school books and other stationary items. Make him / her make a choice when you buy such stuff.
  • You can even purchase some nice coloring books for your child so that he /she can use them at home before joining school.
  • Pick up a student-teacher game when playing with your child at home. This way, you can even teach your child some simple school etiquettes.
  • Take some time off and read out few interesting stories from a story book to your child at home. Tell the child that he / she will get to hear lots of stories in school. 
  • Tell your child how enjoyable a school life can be. Talk about making new friends, playing with new toys, having a nice loving teacher, etc. But refrain from making any negative comments about school in front of your child.
  • If you have some good friends and relatives living in the same town or city, then you can opt leaving your child in their house to play with their kids at times. This will help your child to have some away-from-home experience before entering school. 
  • Tell your child nice things about how the first day in school will be like. 
  • Inform your child that all kids go to school, which is a wonderful place to learn new things, play and make friends.   
  • Introduce your child to other kids of the same class before you hand him / her over to the school teacher on the first day of school.
  • It is normal for kids to cry on the first day of school. So leave him alone with the school authorities and get out of your child’s sight. This is because the more your child sees you, the harder he / she will cry.
  • Finally, get your child to sleep before time so that you can wake him / her up fresh next day for school. Prepare for your little one a light but nutritious breakfast.

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