To avoid the stress, better prepare your toddler before taking him/her for a haircut. Explore the article on preparing your toddler for a haircut.

Prepare Your Toddler For A Haircut

Haircut is a task that is very difficult to accomplish in a toddler, and if the salon is busy then you will have a tough time controlling the young one’s tantrums. Taking a toddler outside the home for a haircut can be very stressful for the child and also for the parents. In times like this, it is very hard to please the toddler no matter how gentle and nice the hairdresser or barber is or how many distractions they try, or toys they offer. As such, you may have to contend with a partial haircut and a crying toddler. The first haircut of a toddler is a major milestone and it should not become a traumatic experience for the child.  It is impossible to completely erase the fear of the child, so you should work in advance to reduce the degree of trauma. That is why, it is always better if you have the toddler’s first haircut at home. This can make the child a little calm, as he or she will be in his or her own environment. So, if you are looking to give your toddler a haircut, then read the article given below on how to prepare your toddler for a haircut.
How To Prepare Your Toddler For A Haircut
  • Always prepare in advance. To give your child a haircut it is always better to make an appointment with the barber so that you don’t have to make the child wait for his or her turn. Waiting can cause frustration in the child especially if he or she feels uncomfortable and unfamiliar in the environment.
  • Let the child have a nap. A tired and cross toddler will snap if a stranger is going to make him or her obey so as to cut the hair.
  • Take the toddler for haircut only when he or she is in a good mood. Some toddlers become grumpy after a nap so take them before a nap when they are fresh.
  • Feed the toddler before going for a haircut. Pack the toddlers favorite snack so that he or she can nibble on something to keep the mind away from the haircut. A filling meal will also save the child from hunger in the salon and will also prevent him or her from throwing tantrums.
  • Don’t take the toddler for a haircut if he or she is unwell, even if it is an upset stomach or a cold.
  • Dress the toddler in comfortable cloths. Loose fitting clothes will make the child feel relaxed.
  • Take along a fun toy and let the toddler hold onto it while the hair is being cut. The toy will be a distraction to keep his or her mind off the haircut. A toy will also keep the toddler relaxed and feel that he or she is in control of the environment.
  • Talk to the child with reassuring words and playful interactions. Haircut for a toddler is a traumatic experience and so it is natural that he or she feels extremely nervous. So, talk to the toddler so that he or she doesn’t feel left out and alone.
  • Make him or her feel secure by sitting on a chair and holding their hand. You can also take the toddler in your lap while the barber cuts the hair.
  • At home, make the toddler get used to the idea of having a haircut. Let the toddler play with the comb and get used to combing his or her own hair. Make the toddler get used to the spray bottle. You can play with the toddler by spraying each other with the spray bottle.

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