Teaching your child to swim can be a fun and interesting activity. Read the instructions given in this article and learn how to teach kids to swim.

How To Teach Kids To Swim

Swimming is not only a sport, but also an exercise meant for enhancing the physical fitness of a person. When it comes to the fitness of your children, this exercise can prove to be very effective in maintaining their health. Teaching your child to swim can be a lot of fun. If your kid learns to swim proficiently, after acquiring enough training, he will probably find it interesting and enjoyable to spend the leisure time with you, in the water. With simple instructions, practice, patience and support, you can make your child a pro in the activity. Go through the article and know how to teach kids to swim.
Teaching Your Child To Swim 
  • Making your child comfortable in the water will be the first step towards making him/her a pro in the activity.
  • Hold your kid onto the side of the swimming pool and ask him to kick his legs. You may make use of a kickboard, in case he is a grown up kid.
  • Put your child’s face in the water and ask him to blow bubbles. By doing this, he will come to know how to keep the water from reaching his nose. In addition, this will help him to get habitual of putting his face in the water.
  • After he learns how to blow bubbles, teach him the technique of holding the breath underwater. Dunk him down in a gentle manner.
  • Demonstrate the breathing techniques to your child. Show him how to breathe by lifting or turning the head.
  • Secure your hands around the waist or chest of your kid to provide him support.
  • Guide the child to make strokes by demonstrating them yourself. After he gets a hang of it, allow him to do it on his own. Make sure that while doing this, your hands are still supporting his waist or chest.  
  • Once your kid learns how to push the water away, by making strokes, release your support slowly.
  • By this time, your child will be ready to swim on his own, without an external support.
  • Start swimming practice by asking your child to swim a short distance. Increase the distance gradually, if you find that he is swimming well.
  • After completing the practice session, it is the time to let your child swim alone. Instruct him to jump into the pool and swim.

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