Considering a double stroller is the best option if you have twins on the way. But it has its own downfalls as well. Go through the article to know the pros and cons of double strollers.

Pros And Cons Of Double Strollers

Has your doctor lately informed you that you have twins finding their way to the new world? Or are you planning a second baby while your first one is still in diapers? It’s time that you purchase a double stroller. In situations where parents have twins or babies that are just a year or so apart, double strollers prove to extremely handy and beneficial. They come in different varieties allowing mommies to choose the best amongst them. You have tandem strollers, side-by-side strollers, sit-and-stand strollers, and in-line strollers waiting to pick up and transport your tiny tots. Nevertheless, every double stroller has its own pros and cons which can make it easier to choose your desired double stroller. Steer through the following lines to know the advantages and disadvantages of double strollers so that you make a good and effective investment for your family.
Double Stroller Advantages
  • With more children around, doing household and outdoor chores becomes difficult. If you are a city mom, using a double stroller during your kids’ toddlerhoods come handy while shopping in large areas, such as big-box stores and shopping malls. Whether you are planning a sightseeing or outdoor trip, or be it a simple jogging or walking session, double strollers are definitely worth using. Stay active and wander around while keeping your kids with you.
  • You have a child big enough to walk by your side, but you wouldn’t want to chase him around while pushing a single stroller carrying your newborn. Using the sit-and-stand style double stroller will ease your job by placing your newborn baby in the seat, while your toddler can safely hitch a ride.
  • You do not have to switch to a single stroller if your older baby is too big to be seated in the double stroller. Pick up a front-and-rear style double stroller where you can use the front seat to carry groceries and other items while shopping. Further, if you have more babies down the road, the double stroller will continue to be used for years to come.
Double Stroller Disadvantages
  • While double strollers ease your work while shopping and moving outdoors by accommodating your kids, they can prove to be a hurdle in various large places. The aisles of some grocery stores are just wide enough to fit in two of their shopping carts. In case you are using a front-and-rear style double stroller, you can easily manage off. However, a side-by-side double stroller finds itself no place in such stores. Even smaller markets and restaurants may be tighter to accommodate such double strollers.
  • Double strollers bring along a word of caution if you have a small car and do not involve in much walking around your neighborhood. A double stroller may be just too big to accommodate in a small car. As such, a double stroller provides you no benefits if you cannot transport your double stroller to places where you need them the most. Further, if you use the bus or subway quite frequently, some double strollers do not fold up enough to match the compactness of such places. While jogging strollers fold up smaller, other styles may not be useful to you in such situations.

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