Are you excited about starting collegiate studies? However, are you confused about the things you need to carry? Survey this article to learn about what to bring to college.

What To Bring To College

Amid all the tension and excitement of preparing for commencing collegiate studies, you might end up thinking about carrying the most essential things along. College life is completely different from the safe environment of the school in your city. Moving to a college or university that is away from home and staying in a dormitory or hostel calls for certain abilities in a student. He/she should be able to manage life and should be able to react and decide sensibly in such independent environments. There are certain essential items that a student needs to carry along while moving to a hostel or a dorm. However, at times many either forget to carry essential items or carry just too many things that they might not at all need. This might create a lot of confusion and hitches for the student in the first few days of settling down. For that reason, it is important on the part of the students to have a rough idea of the things that they might need and use during their stay in the boarding house. Here is comprehensive list of some of the important things to bring to college. Read on to know more.

College Checklist

ID, Keys And Other Important Documents
One of the most important things that one should keep in mind while moving to a new college is to carry one's ID card, the keys of the room allotted in the new hostel and all other necessary documents as mentioned in the call letter. It will therefore be wise to file up all important papers and documents and keep them safely in the luggage.

Stationery And Other School Supplies
Make sure that you carry along with you all your stationery items while moving to a new college. Keep your notebooks, binders, pens, pencils, erasers, staplers with pins, rough sheets, printer papers and many such essential items which you will require on a day to day basis ready. You can also check on the college website to find out the things that are available on the campus, in order to reduce excess of luggage.

Plastic Food Containers
It is advisable to carry a few plastic food containers which will provide you with excellent storage space. You can store your jewellery, toiletries, medicines, some food items and many more essential things in such containers. Plastic containers will help protect your items from dust and dirt and will keep them safe as well.

Shoe Organizers
Shoe organisers will also help you in making the best possible use of your limited space in the hostel room. You can carry two shoe organisers, the over-the-door rack and the collapsible hanging rack that can be attached to the closet rod. These will not only help you in storing shoes, but can be used to store and organize a lot of things like toiletries, accessories etc.

Toiletry Essentials
Toiletries are something which you would not want to keep borrowing from your friends. Therefore it is important that you keep your shampoos, soaps, conditioners and towels packed and ready well in advance. It is also advisable to carry a shower shoe, a bathrobe and a small basket in which you can carry your soap and shampoo while going for a shower.

Cleaning Supplies
The dorms and hostel rooms that you will be staying in may have been occupied by many students like you earlier; therefore it is advisable to carry cleaning supplies with you. You can carry disinfectant products, bathroom cleaning supplies and any other cleaning product that might be handy to keep your room clean and hygienic.

First Aid Kit
Essential medicines and a first aid kit is a must for you to carry along. Accidents and diseases are uncertain and it is better to be prepared for any uncertainty. It is advisable to carry basic pain relievers, band-aids, rubbing alcohol, bandages and any other medicines that you might require. 

Tools And A Sewing Kit
Though there will be housekeeping services provided in the hostel for repairs and the likes, it is advisable to be prepared to fix few loose screws on your own. Small repairs in the bathroom or door knobs etc can all be carried out if you have simple household tools. Carrying a sewing kit is also a good idea. It will help you in taking care of small and big wear and tear in clothes, bedding, curtains and other cloth items.

Small Appliances
Small appliances like table fans, desk lamps, small refrigerators, microwaves and such items that will help make your stay comfortable can also be carried along. It is better to check with the resident officer whether or not you are allowed to use such appliances in the college hostel premises. An extension cord is another important gadget that you must carry along with you. The room you are staying in might not have enough sockets for you and your room partner to use. If you have a lot of gadgets and equipment, an extension cord will prove to be very useful.

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