‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’ and this is all the more true in the case of kids. Read below to learn more on hygiene for kids.

Hygiene For Kids

Good hygiene, like good behavior and good habits, starts at a young age. It is only when you develop a sense of cleanliness in your kids will you be sure that this will continue into their adulthood. Above all, good hygiene is important for kids for their own sake. It is perhaps the only way in which you can prevent certain diseases from taking hold on your kids and ensure that they lead a healthy lifestyle. Since kids are prone to get dirty because of their adventurous behavior, as parents, you should always be on your toes, so as to keep them clean. Though your rebellious kid would have other plans after he has gone all muddy and dirty, make sure that he/she gets a nice leisurely bath and is rinsed off the dirt and grime. Don’t give in to his/her kicking, screaming and bullying. Always remember that unhygienic habit is a kid’s greatest enemy and it will always arouse contempt against you from others. Instead of working extra time in preventing your little one from playing outside or lolling in the dust, just make sure that he/she gets a daily thorough wash. Don’t forget that kids will be kids after all, and it falls on you to make their childhood fun and healthy. To help you maintain proper hygiene for your kids read below to know more on how you can go about it.      
Kids Personal Hygiene
Proper Bathing
Keep a baby in a tub of water and see the delight with which it splashes around. But, once that baby grows up into a kid, then the water becomes anathema. So, if you have a kid who takes bath without any fuss, thank your stars. For those who are no so lucky, know that you cannot surrender to your kid’s demand on this. No matter what, he/she must be given the daily wash, even if it involves turning the house into a war zone. Remember, bathing is a necessary hygiene that you cannot let your kid wriggle out, especially because kids are prone to get dirty. So, a complete shower is a must. For infants, you can use a wet cloth to wash the face, neck and bottom. Make sure that you use mild soap and shampoos during the process, as the skin of kids are very sensitive.
Timely Hand Wash
Hand washing is a hygiene that even most adults do away with. That is why it is all the more important that the habit must be imbibed into the kids early. Ask any doctor and he/she would tell you that the best way to prevent various common illnesses in kids is through keeping their hands clean, as the germs most often spreads through the hands. Teach the kids to first rinse their hands in warm water and then rub some soap on both the palm and back of the hands and in between fingers. Then, rinse the hands with water and dry them with a clean towel. Make the kids understand that they should wash their hands before and after every meal and after playing or coming from outdoors.
Nail Neatness
Nails form the repository of countless germs. This is why it is very important that you trim and clean the kids’ nails. This will also prevent the kids from scratching the skin with their nails and causing skin infections. Dedicate one day of the week for the nail neatness. Let your child know that he/she has to get his/her nails cleaned and tidy on that day. Also, at the time of washing the hands, make sure that your kid cleanses the nails as well.
Teeth Troubles
Proper dental hygiene routine is a must to avert all dental problems in future. Know that without this, there is no way in which tooth decay can be prevented. Dentists’ advise regular brushing at least two times a day to prevent bad breath and tooth decay in kids. However, apart from this, each time your kid pops in a candy stick or a chocolate bar, make sure he/she rushes to the washroom and gets the teeth cleaned. This should also be followed after having sweets. Teach your kids to brush and floss the teeth in a proper manner.
Hair Care
In kids, it happens that the hair is often the most neglected part of the hygiene. The hair must be kept clean and free of dirt. For this, the hair must be washed daily or once in two to three days. Kids, unlike adults, have higher chances of getting their hair dirty and spoiled; all thanks to the sweaty hours spent at the playground and the daily commutation to school. Also, chances of getting inflicted with lice and fungal infections are high for kids in school as they tend to meet and be with several other students, who might not be adhering to proper hygiene. As such, it is very important that as parents, you make sure that your child indulges in a hair care regimen. Massage the hair with effective oil and then rinse with a mild shampoo and water.

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