Excessive exposure to video games can have negative effects on the growth chart of children. Go through the article, to know about the harmful effects of video games.

Harmful Effects Of Video Games

A: Hey dude! What's up today?
B: Nothing ya…just trying to get past Street Fighter IV
This is just an example of the usual conversation you are likely to overhear amongst two youngsters today. Without a doubt, going hi-tech is the need of the hour. Thanks to the ever-evolving technology, life seems to be in the hands of a remote control today. So, whether it is lowering the temperature of the room (A/c remote) or switching channels in the idiot box (TV remote) or even getting entertained (video game remote), you know what to look for!! Talking about entertainment, video games have found a place in every home. They are not only engaging and appealing, but also satisfy a child's urge for excitement and adventure. The 3D effects imbibed in them add to the sense of fascination, charm and ecstasy. However, did you know that video games can rub your child at the wrong end as well? Video games are addictive entertainment options that can hamper the child's growth and have negative effect on his/her academics, health and social connections. To get detailed information about the harmful effects of video games, read through the following lines.
Negative Effects Of Video Games
Knack For Violence
Increased rate of violence and aggression is the foremost adversity that results from video games. Since video games demand active participation of the player, it wrongly affects a child's behavior and psychology. These games are mostly based on reward system, i.e. acknowledging the violent activities of the children. Therefore, chances are that a child, who is exposed to video games, is likely to get more violent, hostile and aggressive.  
Lost Empathy
Video games are believed to have detrimental effects on a child's sense of empathy and willingness to help others. The feeling of 'I, Me & Myself' rises phenomenally. For instance, when two brothers are playing the game together, their role play is mostly that of enemies rather than friends. It is said competition is good only the time till it is healthy. Regular practice of unhealthy competition in video games is sure to affect the child in real life as well.
Social Connections - What's That?
Since video games can be played solely as well and do not require a partner or friend, the risk of social aloofness is extremely high. As per research, the children who indulge in video games spend less time with friends and family members. They are not aware of the warmth and love that a relationship holds. For such children, video games are their life.
Health - No More A Wealth
Thanks to reduced physical activity, which results from excessive video game usage, there has been a continuous increase of obesity amongst children. Gone are the days when children used to indulge in sports that required them to run, hop and skip. Today, more and more children are found locked to the monitors, with a remote in hand and a mission in mind - to get to the next level in the game. Video games not only augment the risk of obesity, but also other health issues, such as video-induced seizures, muscular and skeletal disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome and nerve compression.
Reality or Fantasy?
Games can confuse a child's mindset completely. Increased exposure to fantasy world can reduce his/ her capability to get the picture of the real world in his mind. The result - utter confusion and inability to differentiate between the two! For a small kid, what he/she sees is what he sets in his mind. For instance, while killing an enemy is the only resort to move to the next level in video games, the same is not the case in reality.
Poor Academics
According to studies, children who spent long hours playing video games have a falling academic graph. They do not complete the homework, spend less time studying and have an overall poor performance in studies. Believe it or not, video games are extremely engaging and appealing. So, who would want to leave an exciting game at hand, midway, for learning a chapter on world war or writing an essay on national integration?

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