Homeschooling makes a child an introvert in most cases. Explore the article to know more about the negative effects of home schooling.

Negative Effects Of Homeschooling

A lonely childhood often make people loners and introverts for their whole life. It is fact that lonely childhood makes people philosophers also. Loneliness prompts a person to know more about him/her and his/her instincts. They tend to sink in a world of themselves where they nurture their dreams and vision but this can be a burden when you have nobody to express your feelings. A child not only needs parents for his/her personality development but friends too. Homeschooling makes children loners . It provides comfort in some sense but it can be really dangerous if the child feels depressed and frustrated with his closed world. Childhood being the foundation of one’s personality, you can’t leave your kid to the loneliness of your home. Children need more air and exposure to grow. They should learn many things before they get into their adolescence which is a critical age for their character development. They should know about how the world functions. Homeschooling prevents children even from knowing the wickedness of the world which they are going to face later in life. If they approach it with their innocent self, there is high possibility of them being cheated or exploited. Read on the article to know more about the negative effects of homeschooling.
Disadvantages Of Home Schooling
Over Protection To The Child
Homeschool is a system of schooling which gives the child a lot of space and freedom. The child can get more comfort because he doesn’t have to go to an alien place and feel strange and uncomfotable . If he wants some water to drink, he can go to kitchen and get it from his mother. He will have a mentality that he is in a protected zone and that nobody can harm him. If they need more explanation for learning certain things, they have the opportunity to get it. This makes the child an introvert and a dreamer without many friends. As a result child will gradually become a loner and have problems in socializing with people.
Lack Of Interaction With The Real World
A child with homeschooling has very little interaction with the outside world. Such a child would have great difficulties when he tries to gel with the outer world. For complete development a child should be aware of the positive and negative aspects of the world. This wisdom would help child face challenges later on in the life. But homeschooling hinders in the normal development of child.
Time Consuming
Homeschooling is very time consuming. One of the child’s parents should stay at home. It is not easy to teach a kid right from the age three to fifteen. Parents must be very much organized and determined to make him/her a good student. They should keep track of his/her test results and should give h opportunities to show his/her extracurricular activities. All these activities are very time consuming and nowadays, people have no time to finish even their own work. So it can be a real problem if you decide to make your kid take homeschooling.

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