Teaching a child how to tie his shoes is an easy task, provided you know the right tricks. Check out the tips for teaching kids to tie their shoes.

Teaching How To Tie Shoes

One of the most daunting tasks before the parents of a small kid is teaching him how to tie his shoes laces. Though it is not too difficult, most of the parents find themselves running out of patience with their child. The best solution in such a case is to break down the task of tying a shoelace into a number of tiny steps. Thereafter, you should teach your child the entire procedure, step by step. In case you need some help regarding the same, we are here ‘at your service’. Read on the information given below and get some great tips for teaching kids to tie their shoes.
Method for Teaching How to Tie Shoes 
  • Tell your child that he needs to make his shoe laces into the ears of a bunny rabbit.
  • Ask him to make a knot for the bunny's ears by taking the laces and cross them over, so as to form an "X".
  • Thereafter, tell him to pull one ear through the bottom of the "X", tightly.
  • Now, teach him to lace the loops in the form of "bunny ears".
  • Tell him that he needs to make the ears of the bunny tight, otherwise they will fall off.
  • Finally, make him form another "X" using the "bunny ears", slide one ear under the "X" and pull tightly. 
Some Tips 
  • Start teaching your child the art of tying shoes only after he reaches a certain age. Usually, 4 to 6 years is regarded as the best time for the same.
  • Before you start teaching the tying process, make sure that your child knows his right from left.
  • Never ever try to teach your child different methods of tying the laces, at the same time. Rather, concentrate on one method at a time and teach it consistently.
  • While teaching a method, always sit by the side of your child, rather than on the opposite side. This will make it easier for him to copy your movements.
  • Have lots of patience and remember to praise your child when he gets the method right.
  • In case your kid has difficulty in remembering his right from left, make use of bi-colored laces. For the purpose, take laces in two different colors. Cut them in the middle and sew two different colored pieces together.

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