Stay-at-home-dad is the new social concept, which is rapidly changing family equations. Find out, what being a stay-at-home father means.

Stay At Home Dads

Just like child bearing, child rearing was also considered to be the prerogative of women, once. With the metamorphosis the society is going through, the age old norms regarding bringing up the children have diminished. In the current scenario, the sole parenting responsibility does not lie with the mother, giving rise to a concept called stay-at-home dads. As women have found a new place in the society by shouldering men in the professional arena, the concept of men being the bread-winner of the family has experienced a shift. To know what being a stay-at-home dad means, read on. 
In the contemporary world, the social fabric has become extremely flexible with couples readily deciding, who amongst them would stay at home to bring the children up. In effect, there are many fathers, who put their careers on hold to rear their children, while the mothers resume their professional duties. Such a role reversal arrangement has positive as well as negative implications on a marital relationship. For instance, if the couple has readily agreed to the concept of stay-at-home dads, it can really deepen love and commitment in the relationship.
On the contrary, if the couple has fallen into such an arrangement due to situational reasons, it can lead to serious problems. Fathers can face problems in establishing an emotional bond with the kids, thereby failing an adjustment. As the novice concept is entirely opposite to the traditional value system, it poses significant problems like loneliness, isolation and recreating an identity not based on achievement, for the stay-at-home dads. Moreover, as men prefer solving their problem on their own, they tend to bottle-up their emotions, when it comes to receiving mixed reactions from other members of society.

Therefore, the avant-garde conception can really turn lives upside down. It requires immense adjustment and understanding from both the partners to succeed. However, if you are able to cross the initial hurdles, it can prove to be a great deal of respite for the couples, who do not wish to hand over their kids to a nanny or to a day care service. So, a stay-at-home dad is the right choice for those, who treat their children as their priority no matter what and have a knack of connecting with them, even if it means sacrificing their career.

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