Dental care for newborn babies is important to make them comfortable with a through cleaning process later on. Explore the article to find valuable oral care tips for newborns.

Dental Care For Newborn Babies

Though most of the babies are not born with teeth, it is essential to introduce your child to a dental care routine. Early initiation will help your baby become comfortable with teeth-cleaning, which will give you less trouble once his/her teeth begin to appear in a few months. They key to ensure proper dental health of your child is to lay the right foundation as soon as possible. In other words, starting early is the key to make your baby accustomed to daily oral care. Read the article to know some helpful tips to ensure proper dental care for your newborn babies. 
Oral Care Tips For Newborns
Before The Appearance Of Teeth
Although most of the newborns do not have teeth, in some rare cases, the first tooth appears at the time of birth. First tooth may appear in some babies before they are three months old, while it may take 4-7 months in some babies for the teeth to come out. By the time your baby is 2-3 months old, you can make him/her used to getting his/her mouth and gums cleaned. Apart from creating a good hygiene habit, it will also make the baby comfortable with the cleaning process, which will help once teeth begin to show.
To clean your baby’s mouth, wrap a baby washcloth or a clean piece of gauze around your index or middle finger. Wet your finger with water and gently rub it on the gums of your baby. Take care that you do not use any toothpaste or any other product on the gauze. Try to do this cleaning at least once in a day. If the baby is taking time to become friendly with this everyday dental care regimen, make it an alternate-day routine.
After The Appearance Of Teeth
Once your baby begins to show teeth, you can use baby toothpaste and a toothbrush with very soft bristles to clean his/her teeth. Make sure that the baby toothpaste doesn’t contain fluoride. You can make the process enjoyable for the baby by singing songs and allowing him/her to watch himself/herself in the mirror while you are brushing his/her teeth. This will distract the baby from any discomfort inside the mouth. You should also begin flossing as soon as your baby has two teeth adjacent to each other. Your baby will develop good cleaning habits overtime, owing to this dental care regimen.
More Dental Care Tips 
  • After 6 months of the appearance of the first tooth, take your baby to the dentist. The first visit to the dentist is not for a cleaning. The dentist will be take a look at the baby’s teeth and detect any improper development.
  • Do not use too much toothpaste on your baby’s teeth, while brushing them.
  • For cleaning your baby’s teeth, select a time when he/she is in a happy and cooperative mood. Baby’s cooperation will ensure good results.  
  • Make sure that your baby doesn’t go off to sleep with a bottle of milk, juice or any sugary liquids, as it is not good for his/her dental health.
  • Setting up of an early routine will make your baby aware of proper dental hygiene, as he/she grows up.

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