A child with weak auditory learning skills has trouble in processing oral information and recalling it. To know more, read the article below on the activities to improve your child’s auditory memory.

Auditory Memory Activities

Almost all of us are familiar with five types of senses. The visual sense helps us see with our eyes, while the olfactory sense enables us to smell with the nose.  The tongue is the gustatory organ used for taste while the somatosensory system helps you in bodily perception, i.e., sense of touch. However, it is the auditory faculty of the ears which enables you to hear sounds. All these faculties function together to create and retain experiences in the brain.  It becomes difficult to recall information and events if even one of these senses is found wanting in its performance. So, does your child forget to do things and is unable to remember what you, her/his teachers, friends and others say? If so, s/he most likely suffers from a deficient auditory memory. Sometimes even adults suffer from a weak auditory memory. Children who have a hard time remembering what is told vocally are said to have an Auditory Processing Disorder. It directly bears upon your child’s performance in school. It could reflect in poor scores despite the effort or time spent in studying. A major reason for this is that most of the teaching in schools takes place orally. The only way teachers can make students understand theories and concepts is by way of explanation. And for this it is imperative that a child's auditory abilities are up to scratch. A weak auditory memory results in problems with memorizing songs, poems, nursery rhymes, addresses or phone numbers. There are a few activities that can enhance your child’s auditory memory. Ensure that the setting is conducive for the activities by reducing the background noise as far as possible. This will help your child focus better. For the focus to be on auditory memory stimulation, you have to remove visual distractions, if any. Read the article below to know some of the activities to enhance auditory memory.

Activities To Improve Children's Auditory Memory

  • You can increase your child’s auditory memory by making her/him listen to the top ten countdowns on the radio stations once a week. You can ask her/him to recall all the songs and artists in the proper sequence.
  • There are audio books available that help improve auditory memory. You can stop at intervals while you play the audio book to test if your child is able to remember what has occurred so far.
  • The auditory processing ability can also be enhanced by using software programs and CDs that are designed especially for this. An a
  • You can narrate stories that your child hasn’t heard before. Start with short stories and as you are half-way through, ask him to retell the story back to you.
  • Some children find rhymes easier to remember than stories. You can start with short rhymes and then go to longer rhymes. Your child will find it interetsing to repeat them. You can also use songs to increase the auditory memory skills of your child.
  • You can tap or clap a short rhythm and ask your child to repeat it. You can vary the timing and loudness of taps to create new rhythms and sound patterns as you go along, and see if your child is able to catch on. Ask her/him to challenge you with patterns for you to repeat. This way the child’s interest does not slacken.
  • You can make learning fun by conducting a group activity to learn people’s names. Play it initially with groups where kids are familiar with each other. Each child says her/his name followed by what they like, for instance, “I am Susan, I like dolls.” The next kid must repeat what the previous children have said, i.e., “Susan likes dolls. I am Peter and I like to play with my cat.” Children can learn by hearing the information repeated, as well as trying to repeat it themselves.

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