Train your child to have effective reading skills. Read the article below to know how to improve your child’s reading skills.

How To Improve Your Child's Reading Skills

With the advent of computer and television, reading has been dropped to the wayside. And it would have still been considered a lost art if Harry Potter had not come along. The parents who would earlier look in dismay as their child did everything but read, now found them living in a dream with a book in hand. This shows that the fault is not with children, but the reading material. If interesting books are given, the kids would surely indulge in the pasttime of reading. In children, the hobby of reading must be developed and nurtured with care and patience. Once a child is hooked to reading, there is no looking back. However, many-a-times, parents do not find the time or the will to mould the reading skills of their children. So, even if the kids have an interest in reading, the lack of guidance and encouragement leaves them high and dry. Parents need to knwo that the reading skills of a child are as much important as reading itself. The mistakes that he/she makes while reading should not be left to become a habit and that’s the reason parents must act as the reading guide for their child. In the lines below, we have listed some tips to help you know how to improve your chil's reading skills. Do read on.
Improving Reading Skills Of Children
Teach To Read Correctly
Listen to your children read. In this way, you can identify their mistakes and then rectify the same. If they find difficulty in pronouncing a word, help them sound it properly. Also, encourage your children to develop a wide vocabulary by incorporating new words in it every day. Praising them when they use a new word can be a step in the right direction.
Read To Your Children Every Day
Reading aloud to your children regularly can increase their reading comprehension, vocabulary, and interest in books. This will lead to a desire to read independently, among other children.
Keep Your Children In Midst Of Books
Children are naturally curious and colorful, illustrated books are sure to attract them. At first, they might just browse through the books, savoring the colorful pictures. With time, they will express a desire to know the stories and later, start reading them. Appealing books and magazines will tempt them to spend more time in reading. So, put plenty of reading materials in all those places where they spend most of their time.
Have A Family Reading Time
Don’t force your children to read. Many a times, they won’t feel like reading or listening to stories. Better, go along with their mood. Select a suitable time, like 30 minutes before bedtime, when you and your kids sit down to read or trade stories. Children follow by example, so if you have a routine reading time for yourself as well, it will inspire them to read.
Provide Variety Of Reading
To improve the reading skills of a child, reading must be incorporated as an integral part of his/ her life. Start by making him her read newspaper headlines, menus, signboards and other sundry information. Make sure that your kids utilize their spare time in reading.
Visit The Library
Make your neighborhood library a must visit every week. You should keep the curiosity of the kids engaged, by getting new books every few weeks. In addition, they could get in touch with other children who read, which will increase their interest in reading.
Monitor Your Child’s Progress
When you track your child’s progress, only then you will be able to know about their reading skills - the improvements they have made and the areas you need to work upon.
Show Enthusiasm
Show genuine praise to your children. This will encourage them to pursue their reading interest. Your reaction has a great influence on how hard they will try to become good readers. Be sure to give them genuine praise for their efforts.

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