Babysitting is very difficult, especially when the kids are mischievous. Check out the free list of fun baby sitting games given here and keep the naughty ones busy.

Babysitting Games

Though it sounds to be fun and easy, babysitting is by no means child’s play. Taking care of small kids is infact, one of the most difficult chores in the world. You have to keep them occupied at all times, so that they do not end up breaking something, hurting someone or injuring themselves. One of the best ways to keep kids busy is by absorb them in fun games. It will provide them the much needed entertainment and also help you ease off the vigil a bit and have some free time for yourself. In the following lines we have provided a number of babysitting games, for keeping the kids absorbed.
Fun Babysitting Games
Marco Polo
Marco Polo is one of the favorite games of kids. All it requires is a group of children. One of the kids will be chosen to play the den and be ‘it’. He will be blindfolded and asked to locate other kids. His signal - when he will shout ‘Marco’, the other kids will reply with ‘Polo’. He will have to follow the sound and catch the others. 
Red Light, Green Light
One of the kids will be the light signal. He will stand in the center of the room, while the other kids will be at a considerable distance from him. As he shouts ‘green light’, other kids will run towards him and when he shouts ‘red light’, they will stop. The one who reaches the closest to him at ‘green light’ will have to touch him and run away. If he gets caught, he will become the signal.
Hide and Seek
Amongst the oldest as well as the most enjoyable game for kids is ‘hide and seek’. One of the kids will play the den and stand with his face towards a wall and eyes closed. As he counts from 1 to 20, other kids will go and hide. After the count is over, he will start looking for the hiding kids. The one he finds the first will play the next den.
Pen Pencil
Make all the kids, except one, sit in a circle. The one who is left out will go on tapping the head of each of the kids sitting in the circle, saying ‘pen, pen, pen…..’ Suddenly, while tapping any one kid, he will say ‘pencil’ and start running. The kid for whom he has said this will run after him. The first person to reach the empty space in the circle will win and the other will be out and play the tapper.
Papa Says 
One kid will play the den, while the other will stand around him, in a circle. He has to ask all the others to do something, starting the chore with ‘Papa says do…’ All the other kids have to do as he has asked. One of the times, he will say the chore, without adding ‘Papa says do…’ The kid who still follows the instruction will be out and play the den.

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