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Babysitting Activities

Babysitting can become a fun job, provided you plan activities for children in advance. The top priority of a babysitter is to keep the babies happy and what better way to do this than by make them play games. Games are fun and exciting and keep the baby amused and busy, thus being a great entertainment option. While there are a lot of activities you can indulge in with the kids, you need to select the ones that ensure the maximum fun and not expensive also. In order to help you, we have provided a number of ideas for babysitting games and activities. These activities have high entertainment quotient and basically involve things that are easily available in the house.
Fun Babysitting Activities
Treasure Hunt 
  • Gather some toys of the kids and hide them somewhere in the house or even in a specific room. You can also make use of things like - cookies, a board game, story books, etc.
  • Let the children find their toys by following simple clues. You can write the clues as 'go where books are kept'. When they reach the book shelf de-route them to another place, until they find the treasure.
  • If the kids are very small, do not leave them alone in the room while you prepare for the game. Take them along and make them close their eyes while you hide the things. 
Paper Bag Guess  
  • Take a paper grocery bag or a lunch bag.
  • Search for objects in the house that have different shapes.
  • Place the objects in the bag.
  • Blindfold the kids or ask them to close their eyes.
  • Let the kids guess what is in the bag, by feeling the shape of the object
  • The one who guesses the maximum objects right is the winner. 
Silly Faces 
  • Make the kids stand in front of the mirror.
  • Give them a cue and ask them to express it with their face.
  • Have them make silly faces at themselves.
  • Have a contest to see who can make the scariest, happiest, saddest or maddest face.
  • Make sure to let each child be a winner in some way, so that there are no tears.

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