Though it is not easy to bring back the fire in your relationship and revive your love life, it is certainly possible. Read on to know how to how to rekindle the love in your relationship.

How To Rekindle The Love

Seen the movie “Notebook”? Are you wondering how Noah could love Allie so much, even after she doesn’t remember him, since she loses her memory? Was it just possible in the movie or is it likely that you will be able to keep the flame alive through thick and thin? Well, most of the real life romances die down, or at least lose the blaze, after few years in the relationship. If you disagree with me, then you must feel lucky that your love life has survived the test of times. For others, it is time to brace themselves for action. It is time to bring the passion back into their love. Read on to know more on how to rekindle the love in your relationship.
Tips To Revive Your Love Life
Be Passionate
Passion is what you need to maintain in your relationship, to keep it young and thriving. Think of the days when you were dating and remember how passion used to drive you then. Nothing has changed, you are still with your sweetheart and you still love him/her. So, why not bring in the passion once again? Bring the spice back in your life, ward off the “routine” stuff and introduce the thrill and enthusiasm into your life.
Appreciate Each Other
When you appreciate each other, you know the importance of your partner and know that you cannot afford to lose him/her. The appreciation also gives your partner a feeling that he/ she means a lot in your life and evokes love and affection for each other.
Make The “Together-Time”
The 'together time' is crucial for rekindling the love in a relationship. When a couple spends time together, it strengthens the intimacy between the partners.Share your thoughts and feelings with each other. Watch movies, go for plays, plans picnic or embark on a short holiday! When you come back, both of you would be beaming like a honeymooning couple.
Surprise Each Other
Give each other occasional, unpredictable surprises. The fact that our partner has taken pains to make us happy is alone enough to make us fall for him/her again. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding anniversary or the anniversary of the first day you met, plan a party and make it special for your partner.
Take Pride In Other’s Success
If your partner gets a promotion or a raise or even does an assignment correctly, don’t hesitate to congratulate and tell your partner how proud you are of him/her. When you take pride in each other’s success, it helps keep the flame alive forever.
Talk To Each Other
Most of the misunderstandings occur because of a lack of communication. Talk to each other, like you used to when you were dating. Share your feelings, emotions and fears with each other. Instead of making it a routine, introduce fun elements in it. Bring a newness and excitement to your relationship by chatting to each other like teenagers.
Talk about the good old days. However, never ever accuses each other for losing the love. Share how you used to get up early just to see you partner's face or used to call in the middle of the night, just to hear his/her voice. Bring back the good memories by dating in the same restaurant where you went for the first time. This will revive your love and bring you closer to each other.

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