Keeping your husband happy should be your main concern. Check out some simple tips on keeping your husband happy.

How To Keep Your Husband Happy

When you take the wedding vows, you take it forever to love your husband and be with him in sickness and in health. Although you’re still with him, he seems a little disoriented and unhappy. It may be because of the work problem or something else, and you may not be able to solve that problem but you can keep him happy at home to give him the strength to fight. So bring the fire back into fore by following these tips. It not only will keep him happy but revive his love for you too.
Give His Ego A Boost
You may not agree with me if you’re a feminist but giving a little boost to your guy’s ego will only help you unless you want a pansy or wimp. It’s just that every man has a streak of ego in them and to stroke their ego once in a while means to keep them happy. You may as well be wearing the pants in a relationship but let him at least think that he is the master of the house.
Be Understanding Of His Work Schedule
He is working for you and the children, so instead of accusing him of not spending time with you, be understanding. He would want to spend his time with you too so if you accuse him, it will only frustrate and sadden him.
Give Him Space
Guys want to have guy’s time and if he spends quality time with you then let him spend time with his friends. It may be a soccer game or going to a bar, let him have the fun. Encourage him to call his friends at home and be a part of his group too.
Compliment Him
Compliment him if he get a promotion or wins the soccer game with his friends or simply if he bakes the pie nicely. Complimenting him will let him know how much you love him and are proud of him. And he will fall in love with you all over again.
Love His Family
Don’t you adore it when he loves your mother like his mother and treat your father as a mentor? So instead of having a very formal relationship with his family, love his family as your own. Invite his parents for dinner every week and cook their favorite food. Remember their birthdays and anniversaries and throw a surprise party in their honor.
Treat Him Like A New-Love
It’s true that the new feelings goes away after a while and instead something more stable take the place. But love remains there and it’s always good to bring that on surface. Treat him like a new love and do all those things you did when he was wooing you and you would see the transformation in him.
Surprise Your Husband Now And Then
It doesn’t need to be a big party or you don’t have to wait for valentine’s day to write love letters to him. Moreover, the surprise can be anything like an electric razor that he so wanted but couldn’t get time to shop for it, or a sweater knitted by you in his favorite color.
Cook For Him
Everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but rarely we follow on these adages. If you prefer ready-to-mix food and your dinner always comprises of Pasta and soup. Go the extra mile to cook a meal that he loves and cook it often whenever you can find time. Even if you both are very busy, make it a rule to have dinner together. Switch off the television and talk to each other whilst having dinner.
Dress For Him
When you guys were dating, didn’t you used to spend hours deciding what to wear, even if you had to cross only two blocks to meet him. Nothing has changed yet and you still love him may be even more than before, then why not give a feast to his eyes. Dressing for him will keep his eyes only for you.
Listen To Him
Instead of fixing your gaze to the television and nodding nonchalantly, look him in the eyes and listen. Remember the days you both used to chat for hours on end and still it felt inadequate. It will mean so much to him that you care for him enough to listen even when your favorite show is running on the telly.
Don’t Disrespect Him Especially In Front Of His Friends
Although you should not shout or yell at him, anytime, doing it in front of his friends is fatal. Just think of it this way. Would you like it if he screamed at you in front of your friends? You would feel humiliated and so will he.
Tell Him You Love Him
For you it may be stating the obvious thing but it will make his day. Tell him that you love him and mean it too. Call him sometimes and tell him that you were missing him and wanted to hear his voice or just to tell him how much you love him. Although going over the top may sometimes irritate him.
Sex Him Up
Men like sex. So make sure that you have enough of it to keep you both falling for each other every day. Try new moves and do something, which he likes. Dress in sexy lingerie and seduce him. He would come to you like a moth to a flame.

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