Leadership activities for kids are probably the best way to help the little ones acknowledge their potential. Explore some fun yet instructive leadership activity ideas for children.

Leadership Activities For Kids

Leaders are rarely born and mostly made! Leadership is a rare trait that only a few exceptional ones are born with, whilst most others work their way out to become one. Being a leader is indeed a big onus and it takes someone with true abilities to lead the pack. While born leaders reveal their potential quite young, it takes a bit of grooming and brushing for others to show their colors. Leadership qualities can be stimulated in kids, right from their early years, to help them realize their potential and gear them to meet the bigger challenges of the real world. Leadership activities for kids need to be designed with great care, as they will lay the foundation for the challenges to follow later. After all, being a leader is not just about authority, it is more about understanding the people, assisting them and getting out the best from them. Here is a list of few leadership activities, especially devised for the kids, to help them realize their potential, all in a fun way. Read on to explore.
 Fun Leadership Activity Ideas For Children
Rope It Up!
For this extremely fun and instructive leadership activity, you will need rope of four different lengths of twenty feet, fifteen feet, ten feet, and five feet each. Tie the ends of each rope to form a loop. Arrange the four loops on the floor. Now begin your game by getting all the players inside the biggest loop. No player should be allowed to stay outside or touch the floor outside the circle. Once the team successfully fits in the big rope, move on to the fifteen foot rope, and so on, until they reach the smallest circle. In doing so, the team will have to think of innovative ways to fit themselves into the shrinking circles. As the team work towards the goals, a leader will efficiently guide the rest to get the task done.
One-Arm Strength!
For this activity, you will need a minimum of four to six players and an 18-inch long rope, to begin with. Ask the players to hold onto the rope, using one hand and then challenge them to tie a knot without releasing their grip. This activity is huge fun and it might take the players quite a few hours to get the task done. A child with leadership qualities will effectively guide the rest to accomplish task with their ingenuity and support.
Divide & Teach!
This activity revolves around a group of two set of players. Divide your players in a group of two. Blindfold one set of players and lead them outside the room, while allowing another team to stay back. Now, place two objects inside the room and ask each player in the room to go and choose a blindfolded player to lead. The aim of this game is to help the blindfolded partner figure out the object placed in the room, without any verbal prompting from their non-blindfolded counterpart. This game is likely to bring out the leadership qualities in players.
Knot It Out!
Get everyone in your group to come together and ask them to hold the hands of some other player using one hand. Then, ask them to put out their second hand and grab someone else’s hand using their free hand. The idea is to get them to tangle and then detangle, to form a big circle, all without releasing their grip.

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