Flat head syndrome is common among babies less than six month old and avoiding it is the onus of the parents. Read on to know how to prevent your baby from getting a flat head.

How To Prevent Baby From Getting A Flat Head

Plagiocephaly is a condition that can be described as flattening of the head of a baby. Generally, most of the babies are born with a specific shape to their head, which occurs due to the pressure of birth canal, at the time of delivery. The little flattening that results from delivery cannot be changed. However; a positional plagiocephaly can be prevented with a little care. Avoiding a flat head in your baby is necessary because it looks weird and may even lead to some health risks. Moreover, a child with flat head syndrome also may develop a prominent forehead, abnormally shaped ears, and sometimes, even uneven facial features. Go through the tips given below, to know how to prevent your baby from getting a flat head
Avoiding A Flat Head In Your Baby
Reposition Therapy
Most of the children sleep on their back and this can cause flattening of that particular side of their head, which is always pressed down. So, don’t put your baby to sleep in the same position every time. It is necessary to put pressure on different areas of the head and positioning him/her in different positions will greatly reduce this problem. Put your baby to sleep on his or her side as well as back. In addition, you need to limit his/her time in the swing and switch him/her side to side, while feeding.
Sleep Pillow
Some sleep pillows are especially designed to support the back of the baby and prevent the occurrence of flat head. Ask your podiatrist about it and then buy it from a baby shop. With this, you can put your baby’s head at the foot of the crib one day and change it to the head of the crib next day.
Place Him On Tummy
The more time your baby spends on his tummy, the better it is for the shape of his/her head. Some babies don’t prefer to stay on their tummy; however you can distract them by putting toys in front and singing lullabies to them. Start preparing your baby for bed early and put some time aside for tummy time.
You can keep your baby’s head in proper shape by carrying him/her in a sling, for some amount of time in a day. It will help limit the time spent by your baby on his back and with it, the chances of getting a flat head.
Play With Your Baby
You can play with your baby lying down or face-to-face or by lifting him/her up and down. You can use some special pillow or a rolled out towel or blanket to keep under his or her head, while playing.
Consult A Pediatrician
If you feel that your baby has a very prominent flat head, even after you have followed the above points, you need to consult your pediatrician. You baby may have developed torticollis i.e. tightening of the neck muscles. You doctor will be able to tell you about the condition in a better way and cure it as well.

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