Teenagers can engage themselves in a variety of activities in order to kill boredom and enjoy their lives. Check out our list of fun things for teens to do and enjoy.

Fun Things For Teens To Do

Teenagers belong to ‘no man’s land’. On one hand, they are expected to behave like adults, while on the other, they are curtly denied the fun activities that adults enjoy. For most teenagers, the idea of fun is to invite over a few friends and create a perfect hullabaloo at home. Sitcoms, popcorns, music and tit-bits of conversation; and the party ends up being boring, as always. Therefore, teens are not to be blamed when they glue themselves in front of the TV with that sulky expression on their faces. Whereas, some teenagers like reading books, some others cannot have enough of video games. But, at some point or the other, you tend to lose interest and look for new ways of entertainment. You can go out with a group of friends to watch a movie and have dinner or lunch on your way back.  Hanging out with friends can never get boring. So, if you are a teenager, looking for some weapons to kill monotony, we are here to help you. Check out our list of fun activities mentioned below and learn how to enjoy life.
Fun Activities For Teens
  • Rather than inviting friends for a room-party, shift the site of the party to the backyard. It will give you a perfect combo of fun and excitement.
  • You can conduct a dinner party, but ensure that, there is appropriate lighting. Keep mosquito repellants ready.
  • Go for a camping trip, along with friends, to a nearby destination. If you can arrange for a vehicle, good for you. If not, go camping in the backyard.
  • Call up a few friends for a sleepover party. Get a collection of horror flicks and watch them all night long.
  • Go out with friends to a museum or an amusement park. Else, go out for a movie. Pick one, which promises loads of laughter.
  • Go out for shopping with friends. You can simply go for window-shopping as well.
  • In case, you enjoy dancing, take some salsa or hip-hop dance lessons. Else, enroll yourself for any lesson of your interest.
  • If you want to go creative, try making a big and colorful collage for your room. Else, make a scrapbook of family pictures. If you are good at sketching or painting, draw something and use it as a wall hanging in your room. Frame it if you wish.
  • Order a big pizza of your favorite flavor and gallons of coke. Pamper yourself for a day. Spend the day all alone. However, don’t make this a habit.
  • Read your favorite book, a current bestseller or a book based on your favorite movie.
  • Go out with mom and dad for a family dinner. This is fun, exciting as well as special.
  • Cooking is another great way to kill boredom. It is not only interesting, but also entails good learning experience for those who like to cook. You can either spend time with you parents or grandparents learning some family dishes or get experimental by preparing your own recipes.
  • For those, who like to spend time outdoors, can go for gardening. Buy any shrub or tree of your choice and plant it in your backyard. Many people spend time gardening as one of their hobbies, which is also a learning activity. This way you not only beautify your garden or house, but also get to know a lot about plants and soil types.
  • Play outdoor games. Assemble your friends and play any sport of your choice such as soccer, rugby, cricket, tennis or badminton. To make it more enjoyable and challenging, arrange for a tournament which can continue for a week or so.
  • Community services, such as, litter picking, planting trees, helping the elderly, collecting funds for a local school which is run by volunteers, etc. can be some of the best activities for a teenager. Every society or community needs volunteers for various requirements. For instance, helping a small church to build a garden is a voluntary act. The church may not have enough funds to employ people and therefore, needs some charitable people for assistance. If you step in to help them, the authorities will be more than happy and will appreciate your efforts.
  • Go for swimming in a nearby pool or pond. It is a splendid way to spend your summer. You can go with your friends or just alone.
  • Writing is one of the best hobbies of all times! If you are fond of writing compose a poem or song. To create a mood for it, you can go to silent or solitary place where you can think peacefully. Choosing a spot which gives a good view of nature, like a spot from where you watch the sunset, may draw some inspiration.
  • Watch old movies. Check for all the old movies you have and watch them in spare time.
  • Make a collection of all-time-favorite songs and save them in a CD.
  • Organize a small potluck among your close friends and invite them for lunch or dinner.  Instead of going out and spending a lot more money in a restaurant, spend some time in the kitchen cooking your favorite dish.
These are some of the best things you can do as a teenager. These tips will surely help you get over a monotonous lie and you can spend some leisure time with your friends and family members.

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