A child without a goal is like a vehicle without direction. Explore the article to know more about goal setting for kids.

Goal Setting For Kids

Learning how to fix reasonable and attainable goals is a precious lesson for children of all ages.  If children don’t know their goal, they would be going like a ship without a sail and may end up as ‘rebel without a cause’ in life. Children’s mind is just pure blank slate and good thoughts and goals should be written on that slate for making them a winner. Parents often have a misconception that school shapes their child. It is not the school but they themselves condition their children’s mind. Parents can help kids to set their goal. Children may face many obstacles when they are heading towards a goal. Parents and teachers can help them in solving all these obstructions that come on their path. Read on the article to know more goal setting ideas for kids.
Ideas To Teach Goal Setting To Kids
  • You should ask your child about his interests to find out what makes your child tick. Parents should know everything about their children. Let your child talk about his likes and dislikes and be a good listener.
  • It is important to find out in which subject your child is interested genuinely. Parents usually push their children to take up subjects, which they feel are good for them and don’t give a thought to child’s interest. A clear communication gives you a complete idea about what your child wants to do.
  • You can tell your children to write down their goal in a notebook. Even if they don’t’ have a clear goal, tell them to write the things which interest them. You should encourage them to write what they without any fear of objection.
  • Tell your children to write down the subject they like to study. You must ask them the reason for their obsession towards a certain subject and discuss the future of that subject. Some of their reasons may look stupid to you but it is important to understand that their reason will be equally important as yours for them. Encourage your kids by telling them that their goal is attainable if they put in hard work.
  • Encourage children to make an action plan to reach their target. Create a plan explaining the day by day strategy in detail. An action plan will give your child a clear path to reach the goal.
  • The important part of goal setting for kids is getting over obstructions that may come in the path. Every winner has to overcome obstacles in order to achieve success . You must learn some motivational techniques to help your child to overcome these obstacles.
  • According to motivational masters, every goal must have a deadline. In an organization every work will have a deadline.  You must keep track of the efforts your kid is putting in to reach the goal in time. Procrastination is a terrible habit that it kills all your working spirit. You shouldn’t allow your child to procrastinate any of his/her works.

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