Children want to share their ideas at bed time and you can make it more fun. Explore the article to get a few bedtime fun ideas for kids.

Making Bedtime Fun For Kids

“Any kid will run any errand for you, if you ask at bedtime”. This is a ‘Red Skelton’ saying. Kids are very intuitive and imaginative beings and they are the real observers of the society and the people in this world. They also have a lot of things to share but parents usually think of them as dolls. Parents often fail to consider that their child has a character which is very special and unique. When children can’t express what they have in their mind or they find that parents are not ready to listen to them, it obviously makes them angry. Bedtime is the perfect occasion to spend some quality time with kids. You can use this time effectively to instill some good moral values in children by telling them stories. Read on the article to know more bedtime fun ideas for kids.
Bedtime Fun Ideas For Children 
  • Kids always love stories and especially adventure stories. They will be more happy and content if you tell those stories at night because they have done with the day’s work and had food and what they need is a slight entertainment before slipping into sleep. You can choose the stories according to your child’s age and sensibilities. A book like ‘Treasure island” can entertain the children of any age. Robert Louis Stevenson’s pirate story will give wings to your kid’s imaginations. You should make sure that your kid understand the story and discuss it after you finish. This can be a real bedtime fun for your child.
  • If your kid is old enough to read books, it is better to make him read aloud a book he loves. This can be very helpful for child because it improves child’s reading ability and focus. Children love to get attention and praise from their parents. Thus, kids love to show off what they have learnt  and reading a book aloud in front of his parents may help him gather more confidence. This is also a nice bedtime fun idea for children.
  • If you are a very busy person and don’t have time to read stories to your children, You can play a story CD or a music CD of bedtime songs .You can turn off the bright lights in the room before doing this and can put a dim light for convenience. Also make sure that the volume is not too loud .It is believed that these activities help induce a good sleep.
  • You can also use the bedtime for discussion and can ask your child to share what happened on that day. You should let him tell the story of that day. This can give your child pure fun and will also help in sharpening the memory. You can also ask them to narrate their plans for tomorrow and you can guide them to do useful things. A conversation with a parent will do a great help to the child who wants to share his ideas with someone.

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