Potty training can be a daunting task! Read more to know potty training girls.

How To Potty Train Girls

Potty training is just not about teaching your kid to use the potty, but it is also the process to learn your own parenting style! Potty training is an important part of the growing up process in a child, be it a boy or a girl. Most experts agree that potty-training girls, is easier than potty training boys, as girls learn faster than boys. After bearing the expenses of diapers for more than two to three years, most parents are happy, when their little girls show signs of wanting to use the toilet. It might be true that girls learn faster than the boys do but parents shouldn’t take this as a signal that it will lessen the effort involved in the process. Accidents happen, and it might happen that your darling daughter gets wary with the whole concept. Parents can make the process of potty training easier by focusing on your little girl’s habits and personality. Here are a few ideas and tips, which will make potty training fun for your little princess.
Potty Training Girls 
  • When you think that your little princess is big enough, to use the toilet then it’s the time to start with potty training. Or if your girl asks you questions about potty and wants to watch other people using potty then these are the indicators that your girl is ready to start with potty training.
  • Start with buying toddler potty. Make sure that you buy the one, which she likes and finds attractive. There is a wide variety of potties available in the market for kids. Some have cartoon characters on them, while others are musical. Choose the one, which your girl likes, the most.
  • Till now, you must have been using diapers for your daughter. But now, it’s the time to stop using diapers and start using cloth undergarments, especially during the daytime. This will make her aware of the uncomfortable feeling when she pees or poops inside the cloth. However, make sure that you buy such cloth training pants, which are easy for her to pull up and down. Try to keep clothing light and easy to remove.
  • Now it’s time to demonstrate to her how the potty works. Keep the potty that you bought for her just next to the big potty in the bathroom. Leave the bathroom door open, when you go to the bathroom. When she comes in, let her know what you are doing and invite her to use her own potty. Leave some toy near her potty so that she wouldn’t get bored, while using potty.
  • If you receive success in the previous step, then make sure that you praise your daughter. Or reward her with some fancy stickers or sweets.
  • One of the other method, you can follow to make your daughter learn potty training is by showing her doll going to the bathroom on her potty seat. If her doll can do then it will surely inspire her to imitate.
  • Whenever your daughter pees or poops in the underwear, it’s time for you take her to the bathroom and make her sit on the pot. You should do this, even if she is finished with her potty. Then, drop the poop in the diaper in the pot and tell her where it belongs. Don’t be harsh or strict else, she will lose her interest and your potty training lessons will not have any impact thereafter.
  • If your daughter doesn’t soil her undergarments for two hours at a stretch then it’s time to take her to the bathroom and make her sit on the potty. You can make use of "pss psss” sound to make the process easy. However, the key here is to be patient and let her take her own time.
  • Repeat the above two steps for a few days and this will familiarize your daughter with potty training.
  • It’s a habit in kids to pee while bathing. So make sure that you make your daughter sit on the pot before bathing. This will make her understand that she has to use the pot whenever she needs to pee.
  • Lastly, make your daughter sit on the potty just before putting her to sleep.
  • Continue using the steps mentioned above till you feel that your daughter is perfectly potty trained.

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