Computers have crept into every aspect of our lives. Read the article given below to learn how to teach children about computers.

Teaching Children About Computers

With computers becoming the third hand and the second brain, it is not only foolhardy but also quite risky to be computer illiterate. Now a life without computers is unthinkable. For children this is more of a sweet burden as most of them easily get  addicted to the computer. Even they understand that survival now depends on who can use the benefits of the software to one’s advantage. To come to terms with the advancements in technology, children must now learn the nitty gritty of moving in a world run by the chip. And they must learn it at the earliest. This presents quite a challenge to parents as introducing their kids to the computer is not easy as introducing them to English, that is, like A, B, C’s. Parents may be familiar with the computer but for many its workings are still a mystery, so they encounter various difficulties in teaching children about it. However, this should not stop them from pushing their children towards computer education. If you are searching on ways on how to get started then, go through the article below to know how you can teach your children about computers.
How To Teach Children About Computers 
  • First, introduce them to the computer. Inform them what it is and what it can be used for.
  • Then show them how to turn the computer on and turn it off. Sit at the same computer and show that the CPU must be turned on first and then the monitor.
  • Also, show how to turn on and off the printer.
  • Explain the workings of the mouse. Show them what the basic function of the mouse is. Teach them the use of the mouse buttons. Tell how the mouse must be held and moved to point, select, or go back and forth.
  • Computers have games like solitaire that you can make your kids play to familiarize them with the mouse.
  • Let them explore the keyboards by pushing on the different buttons.
  • After familiarizing with the different components let them, turn on the computer and see what happens.
  • Explain to them the time the computer takes to get booted and when they can know that it has started.
  • After the computer is started, tell them to bring the curser by moving the mouse to the START menu. Make them click it so that they know which of the mouse button is used to do it.
  • Then show the different programs available which they can use.
  • It is better to start with the WORD. Explain to them about the alphabet keys. It is better if you can make them write it down so that they have a better chance of remembering.
  • Now, explain to them what the word document is used for. Show them the function of the various keys like, Caps Lock, Shift, Delete, Space Bar, Enter and also the arrow keys.
  • Let them do some basic typing like writing their name.
  • Show them how they can save the document and how to move out of word.
  • After they are thorough with the word, you can introduce them to other programs.
  • Now tell them to go to the START menu and click on the shut down and then to the turn off to shut down the computer.
  • Also, show them how the computer can be turned off automatically.
  • Explain all the details in a simple language so that the kid can comprehend what you are saying.
  • After the child learns the basics and can maneuver through it then he or she must be enrolled for proper computer classes.

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